8 Holistic Ideas To De-Stress Your Body!

Jul 14, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

8 Holistic Ideas To De-Stress Your Body!

When I found out I had crazy tendon injury (!)  in my arm, I was advised to take 3 Advil every 8 hours around-the-clock.  The thing about Advil is that I can’t take it. It makes me feel sick. Plus, if you read the common side effects on the bottle, it’s quite scary to take that many!

Advil is thought to help with inflammation. Considering the fact that my whole body has been sore since my tendon got injured, it stands to reason that I have more inflammation in my body that I should have right now. I decided to be more comprehensive in treating this than popping pills to mask the symptoms and ignore the cause.

The wild thing is, as I’ve been using all of these natural remedies for inflammation, my sleep is better, my skin is better and I feel fantastic. Perhaps this injury was a bit of a wake up call for me to better handle inflammation and even positive stress in my life?

Whatever it is… it sure is working!

I’ve used all of these remedies daily, one at a time, but I’ve piled them all into times of healing…and it’s amazing.  Each of these is a stress reliver for me in and of itself. Now, I’m hardly a doctor and what I’m sharing is just my experience, and by all means ask your doctor before making any big changes in your diet or you have a big medial issue to deal with. I always do!

Tumeric. Not only does this yellow root help me feel fantastic, I swear since I’ve been taking it my skin is better. In addition to turmeric tea, and smoothies, I’ve been grating root onto veggies in salad, making dressings and drinking juice.

More water. Water is life-giving. Make sure you aren’t dehydrated.

epsom salt

Magnesium. I happen to love drinking a glass of magnesium powder and hot water before bed but now I have an extra one during the day. It really helps me with sore muscles and physical tension in my body. Epsom baths help big time, too!!!

Walking! I talk a lot about taking walks enough because they really do make a difference. Circulation is made me feel quite fantastic.


Gelatin. Tendons and joints are made of collagen in part, and both my favorite bone broth & my favorite gelatin supplement in mint tea work wonders for times of inflammation.

Acupuncture. My acupuncturist, Dr. Wing  in Venice, has revolutionized my life and healing process. It’s just one of the ways I can’t leave LA as much as I think about it sometimes!  I’m headed there right now!

More veggies. Especially kale. I don’t know if it’s because kale makes me happy or if their properties and all the dark greens I’ve been eating, but they really have made me feel better.

Massage. Especially if you get a therapeutic massage by a qualified and awesome Masseuse. Yes!

Of course, I take an Advil if I was in agony. I’m not averse to Western medicine what is needed, not one bit! But… I’m a believer if I can manage to at least support my body in full with natural remedies, it’s way easier to feel great most of the time!    xoxo Dana 

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