How Organized Are You Right Now?

Jul 16, 2015 | Prosperity

How Organized Are You Right Now?

If these succulents were people, they’d be people you admire for their great habits, organization and serenity, you know?! Just looking at them, it’s hard to feel anything but pleasant!

Organization is harmony.

And… it’s not easy to say that you reach a state of order that will never change! Organization always needs to expand.

Given the fact that I am deeply organized and realizing the flaws in my own organization as things grow around me… today’s feng shui is all about how organized you are…and if that’s enough for you!turmeric towel

Nature is utterly spellbinding, you know?

What’s even more impressive to me, always, beyond the beauty, is the geometry of Nature.

We humans are not that different from plants in our very cellular structure.

In order for us to be in harmony, we need actual structure. I used to think this was crazy because I’m so creative that structure felt restrictive.

Are you in the same boat?

The thing is, as my life got busier and busier, structure became something I needed in order to actually create. There are artists who create on a schedule, inspired or not, showing up every day to a blank page, A canvas in progress, music to compose, or any other medium. Even art, maybe especially art, is a practice.

Even if you’re not particularly inclined to making art, your life is a creative endeavor. We all need structure in order to flow.

Imagine what your house would look like if you had furniture haphazardly plopped in the middle of rooms, clothes spread out in every room, maybe some food from your pantry in the living room, your toiletries shoved in your bedroom closet… You get the picture. You would feel really chaotic.

You do need some structure to feel at ease and able to operate without chaos.

On a basic level you can see that, but I wonder how much the rest of your life is organized?

How organized is your purse your bag or your wallet?

How organized is your schedule? Do you know how much time you have to complete certain things?

How organized is your closet? Can you find the things you need right away, or do you have to search for them?

Here’s a big one: how organized is your money?

At the beginning of the year, we focused a lot on organizing your home, clearing clutter and creating space. This early Fall we’re going to dig deep into money, because its remarkable how people think they’re organized until they realize they aren’t! I include myself in this, as, with every new endeavor there’s a new level of organization required to keep things flowing… and as the organization goes up to the next level, so does the ease of everything.

It’s just getting the organizing done that is the trick!

You can do it.

For sure.

Idea for today, just ask yourself how organized you really are. Not how organized you think you are, but how things are.

Run through the major parts of your day to see where you stumble, where you’re constantly getting stuck, and what topics feel overwhelming to even think about.

Having that awareness can change everything, because once you really know what’s not in order, specifically, you can start to fix it!

Structure is where genius thrives.

I have some work to do, too! Every level of life demands more organization. This is how we thrive!

xoxo Dana

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