Venus Is In Retrograde…What Does That Mean?!

Jul 24, 2015 | Prosperity


I love the themes of astrology, and I think that the dominant stories of each sometimes-dreaded Retrograde can actually be very empowering, solid advice for any time of year.

We culturally embrance Mercury in Retrograde as a time of… well… chaos! And,  it isn’t actually true at all, not is it all bad.

But today, lets look at the Venus Retrograde story, and how this time of about 40 days can be a time to really get your life in a clear, calm & empowered place of love, beauty and prosperity!



Venus, astrologically spreaking, is the planet of allure. Love, beauty, magnetism, charisma, self-expression… All Venus stuff. You can read more more about the Venus allure right HERE. I am, apparently, super-into everything to do with Venus.

When Venus is Retrograde, relationships can go sideways, you can get into big love affairs that flame out, you can be tempted by the allure of bright and shiny investments that aren’t worthwhile… It’s a time to not spend heavy on luxury, to steer clear of vampire people and to recharge in a beautiful way.

Venus Retrograde is the best time to clear love and money clutter!!!

Getting clear on love.

One of the coolest things about Venus Retrograde is how it brings people and issues from the past back to life to give us a chance to understand them.

It’s well-expressed in this Elephant Journal article:

“During Venus retrograde many lessons will be brought to alert us to the truth behind either current relationships, or those that may be floating in the air or hanging heavy on our minds. Any troubles, problems or difficulties with relationships of all kinds will possibly be brought to the test to see if they are worthy or to check if we are seeing the full and realistic picture. Basically, we will find it very difficult to keep turning a blind eye to certain issues. We will be forced to take a look further and see things for what they really are.”

Many astrologers often suggest watchimg out for instant love affairs as you can get involved with toxic vampire energy if you dive to fast without getting to know people!

It’s a great time to do some feng shui space clearing and energetic releasing of toxic ties to the past. HERE is how to get started! No need to rush the good stuff!!!

Now, for luxury and money in Venus Rx…!

Because Venus is all about beautiful things, the emotional temptation to buy luxury can surge. This time shines a light on emotional shopping, impulse buys, and investments that are a surge of greed-attraction rather than level-headed and thought-through.

My clients who are emotional shoppers go on a spending diet.  That’s advised for right now. And always!

When buying big-ticket items, ask yourself: Do I need it? Do I love it? Can I afford it? Am I committed to it?

Do more research than usual and your emotional shopping will turn rational.

Larry Schwimmer advises in his Huff Po article on Venus Rx: “Make good use of this period by reviewing all your investments, and re-thinking all your financial plans for your future.”

He also advises having yard sales and clearing out stuff during this time. You know I love the clutter-clearing!!!

Getting organized with love and money for 40 days may not seem sexy, but since it brings you sexy fortunes and deeper relationships and so much more of what you actually want… it’s worth going on the ride!

xoxo Dana



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  1. Alice

    Totally feeling this! <3

  2. dana

    How how how do you always know what I need as I need it?

  3. Jeanne

    Wow! This pretty sums up my life right now: clearing clutter, redesigning my space and an old love reappearing out of no where and wondering what to do with it all. But, I feel so grounded right now! Sigh. This answers all my questions. Thank you!!!


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