How Do You Find Balance In Your Life?

Jul 25, 2015 | Creativity


This magically cool duck lives in Franklin Canyon tucked away in Beverly Hills. This little oasis of green and ponds and sea grass and turtles manages to exist just moments from the materially intense hub of Rodeo Drive and asphalt cityscapes.

It’s a perfect illustation of urban balance.

Balance doesn’t come easy these days. We don’t have mealtimes, we have all-night restaurants; 24-hour gyms replaced the idea of morning exercise; TV programming doesn’t cease at midnight as it used to…it rolls all day, every day, every moment filled with stuff.  Globally, it’s always daytime somewhere so there’s less of a sense that work can just stop wherever you are.

Making balance happen is a conscious choice, you know?  And if you’ve grown used to the imbalance, it’s hard to know where to begin to get it back.

Today’s feng shui is all about finding more balance in the day, anywhere, any time.



Being in the canyon hiking reminds me of Yin and Yang.

All of life is made up of two energies:the active (yang) and the passive (yin) that, in an ideal world, create a flow.

The cool part about yin and yang is that they exist within each other. Just like a secluded duck pond exists within a material center of the world, peace exists within craziness, order exists within chaos… abundance even exists within a lack. I’ve made more money in the Great Recession than any time before in my life.  I’ve also had more peace in craziness and more order in chaos than any other time prior.

Learning to find the opportunities is key to finding a middle road in life.

That middle road isn’t boring, mediocrity or settling for less. That middle road is tapping into nature, learning to rest, becoming more dimentional and more present.

It’s not always “intuitive.”

You sometimes need to decide and determine that you’ll find it, no matter what.

Can you set out to organize even just your desk to start in the midst of a tornado at home?

Can you find fifteen minutes to breathe deeply and get out of the office in fresh air?

Can you find one way to add more veggies to a diet that you know is sapping your energy?

Can you find a natural oasis in your city… or an urban jolt of culture in the country?

Can you add some drama and intrigue books to your shelf full of self-help?

You see what I mean? Sometimes you have to pick a thing that’s gone too extreme and determine to make it more exciting or more calming, as you need it to be.

Rich and full lives aren’t calm and peaceful 100% of the time, but they have both yin and yang flourishing together.

Sitting around and meditating all day is just as imbalanced as working all day.

Find your middle.

Standing on that middle ground, you are in the flow of things in the best possible way.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Johanna

    Really nice text

  2. Joy

    One of my favorite blogs from you. Love your advise about b a l a n c e!! So many people saying “just meditate”, “just exercise- hard”, go do this, but do that and everything in between. I love the balance between yin and yang. I like the middle road too. A nice walk is as good as sprinting. I think. Anyway, Thanks Dana. Feel better already. <3


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