Do You Need More Fire In Your Life?

Jul 27, 2015 | Prosperity

Do you need more fire in your life?

It’s come to my attention, that many of you experience this…

You’re great at getting ideas, you’re great at starting them, and then… Nothing.

It’s not that nothing happens, it’s that life takes over, you get exhausted, you fall off track, and the idea gets buried in the stack of unfinished stuff.

The more you do this cycle of starting and then flaming out of ideas, the more it seems like these ideas themselves are futile. I mean, when nothing comes of things they become hard to pursue…

Today, let’s make sure you have the fire…and the flow… that you need!!!

I hosted an event some time ago at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica, helping people to style their homes with more Feng Shui. The theme of the day turn to “We All Need More Fire Energy In Our Lives.”

I explained the Five Elements, something I rarely do at a live event. And as we moved through the basic principles of this profound Feng Shui, everyone’s hands raised when we got to fire.

If you don’t know what the traditional Five Element theory is, I’ll explain quickly.

Everything in life, according to Feng Shui and much more of eastern philosophy– including Traditional Chinese Medicine– is thought of as being composed of five elements: Earth, Water, Metal, Wood and Fire.

Each element corresponds to different facets of your personality, different organs in your body, and of course, different materials and colors in your space.

We all have different elemental make ups within ourselves, things that define our personality. Some people have a tendency toward being watery, full of emotion and ideas. Some people are metal inclined, and think a lot, and in very precise ways. Everyone has a way that they are inclined… and to make a shift, you add some elements you are lacking.

If you need to make a change, rearranging the elements around you will help you to make the change happen and will help you to make the change stick!

So, now let’s talk about fire. When you need more fire you know it. Or, better said, your life shows it.

Do you have a hard time seeing things through? Do you have a hard time consistently putting energy into the things that you love? Are you living with enough passion, or pushing yourself through the day? Do you need a lot of caffeine?

Harnessing more fire energy is vital for harnessing more of the things in Feng Shui that we all love… Money, power, love… passion, accomplishment, empowerment…

It has to be directed, though. You need to be thoughtful and specific when you make a change.

Think about it:

You can’t just set a match blazing to a stack of wood anywhere in your house to start a fire without burning the house down. A fireplace contains a fire and is designed to allow for a safe and controlled burn of all that wood in a way that is useful. We need to do the same when we add fire to our lives, making a space that contains all that energy and puts it to powerful use!

You can have a ton of energy, and it will fly all over the place without setting up a situation where that fire of energy gets directed and properly used. You can bring a lot of enthusiasm to every day, and not directed properly to see things to an end that you want.

Feng Shui at its best helps you to set up an environment, and habits, that direct your energy toward what you want.

Do you need more fire?

Take a look at your space right now, and ask yourself, do I feel motivated? Do I have enough fire?

Very simply, you can wear a bit more fire color like red.

You can add a small candle to your workspace safely.

You can even add a little more spice to your food.

Very small and deliberate additions a fire will give you a boost to see things through.

When I have a lot of deadlines, you’ll find me burning incense, drinking lots of lemon and cayenne and honey and hot water, and keeping candles beside me as I work!

These little simple shifts can help ignite the changes that you need. Of course, that’s just the beginning… There is so much more you can do, but just getting started makes an enormous difference.

I want to help you to design a space where that passion and energy of positive, creative fire can flourish without obstacles. When you have clear space, you can turn all those ideas you have into your fortune!

When you have directed energy of fire, you can stop wasting your brilliance in 1 billion different directions.

When you have a solid foundation, you can see things through and watch them flow!

xoxo Dana

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