Here’s Why You Should Take Some Time To Daydream!

Jul 28, 2015 | Creativity

Here’s Why You Should Take Some Time To Daydream!

My  clients always surprise themselves and astound me with their creative turns. From making art to building gardens, often it’s a few ideas that spark a revolution in both space and life. I’m just a catalyst or an idea…and then the fun gets set off!  I mean, look at this amazing succulent garden!  I’m so proud to be as part of Hilary’s home transformation…even as a tiny part.  It’s total growth, beauty and simplicity that’s blooming.

It’s also a place to rest and contemplate.

Dreamy decor and dreamy habits- like my impending nap- are something to embrace.

Do you want to expand from your day to day life find more creative solutions… and ways to grow?

You may want to shut down the computer and take a real break!

cactus flower

Are you worried that you’ll fall behind if you take a real break?   This article in Psychology Today casts daydreaming and rest as a big part of success:

“On the surface, daydreaming seems like the antithesis of “work,” yet it’s truly at the core of our most important type of productivity–creative problem-solving. That’s why some of the most innovative companies in the world feature programs that give key employees the time and space to think creatively, i.e. daydream–Google offers a 20% program, 3M has a 15% program, and Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex, etc.) features “dabble time.” All three companies credit these programs as the source of their most successful products.” (you can read the whole article HERE)


money jar feng shui

It’s important to play, to make and to think fantastically, if not day-dreamily.

In my online immersion camp to feng shui more money into life- The Cash Camp- there’s as much “to do” as there is totally mind-expanding play involved. The reason?  I don’t think that anyone can feel passion toward a bunch of numbers the way you can feel passion toward an adventure.

Money itself is just an idea. Real wealth- at it’s best-  is about every kind of freedom it brings.

This dreamy play can spark breakthroughs, as this Mother Jones article explains:

…Levitin points to another feature of daydreaming that goes beyond simply giving your brain a rest: creativity. “The history of science and culture is filled with stories of how many of the greatest scientific and artistic discoveries occurred while the creator was not thinking about what he was working on,” writes Levitin, “not consciously anyway—the daydreaming mode solved the problem for him, and the answer appeared suddenly as a stroke of insight.” (whole article HERE)

In The New Yorker, Jonah Lehrer explores The Virtues Of Daydreaming, noting what researcher Jonathan Schooler of UCSB has said about mind-wandering and creativity :

“If you’re trying to solve a complex problem, then you need to give yourself a real break, to let the mind incubate the problem all by itself. We shouldn’t be so afraid to actually take some time off.”

Ready to daydream more? Play more? Rest more?

Try an extra 15 or even 30 minute break- real one with no phone, tv or internet-  and see how it changes your day. You may be amazed!

xoxo Dana



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