Three Big Feng Shui Ways To Protect Your Home From Negativity!

Jul 29, 2015 | Prosperity

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These days, my focus is on how to really harness energy at home.

What do I mean by this?

Harness: to bring under conditions for effective use; gain control over for a particular end (

In this case, when you bring your space to it’s most effective use, you can see and actually live with the abundance it brings.

When you have really amazing energy in your space, you feel the vibrance and the life.  And, when that energy is protected and contained, you’ll have a space where the energy grows with it’s own awesome momentum.

Today were going to talk about protecting and actually building the energy of your home!  


When you protect your energy and really keep it focused and vibrant… it grows.  And you don’t need to exaust yourself to keep it growing.  This energy, once created and protected, will take on a powerful life of it’s own!

Think of it like plant care. While you do need to water and feed and care for your plants, if you were responsible for making each and every leaf, every cell in every leaf, grow, it would be exhausting. We rely on the fact that we can care for plants, and that they will do the growing.

The same goes for the energy in your home overall. When you care for the energy in your home, it becomes self-generating. Your home starts to support you, even without your extra effort.

There are many ways that energy can leak out of your space, or fall flat in your space.

Today, let’s look at a few ways to protect your home from outside negativity.

1. Sea salt your doors. Sea salt is a powerful purifier, and ironically enough, as I placed sea salt by my front and back doors yesterday in big bowls, an eruption of negativity from my neighbors flew at me. I always see that as a very positive sign, as unfortunate as these incidents can be. It’s as though the negative energy gets upset that it’s no longer welcome in! Keeping bowls of sea salt beside your door, or big hunks of Himalayan sea salt on tables near your door is a powerful purifier and energy-protector. I don’t leave the bowls long before trading them out (don’t use this salt, toss it!), though I do leave the pink hunks of salt there indefinitely.


2. Make a crystal grid for your whole home. Room by room, you can put white Quartz in each corner to create a grid of energy. I love the idea of quarts in corners because it has such high energy, something that’s been scientifically proven, and you can really feel the difference when you hold quarts that you love in your hands. These grids of energy are thought to both energize and protect your space energetically.

3. Clear away negative words. The less negativity you bring into your home with thoughts, words and actions, the less negativity you will have in your space and your life. Well… this might seem very basic, but it’s very possible you may complain or express way more negativity than you realize. I have caught myself a lot lately! There’s no sense in building so much positive energy in a space only to polluted with toxic ideas!


The more you can generate a positive space for yourself and your family and loved ones, the more that positive momentum builds. These three ideas all hinge on the fact that we actually are responsible for the energy around us. The more you can see your environment and your life as your creation, the more you can change it very real and practical ways.

xoxo Dana

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  1. Michelle

    Can I keep bowls of Himalayan salt outside my front door as protection? Or does it have to be sea salt?


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