Root Chakra Feng Shui To Stay Super-Grounded & Empowered!

Jul 30, 2015 | Prosperity

root chakra feng shui


I just love so many of these suggestions to get hyper-grounded!  If you’ve had trouble confronting things, especially where work is concerned, or money, or issues with your home, room chakra tuning is always amazing.

Here are a few more ideas to help you settle into this very moment right now. When you show up fully, you’ll be amazed at how much power you have that you haven’t been using.

P.S.: This season, there’s an eight-week online Feng Shui Camp coming soon to organize and energize your home and life to create breakthroughs: The Breakthrough Camp!

It’s Feng Shui to align your energy and your home so that you can manifest more of what you want on a higher level with greater ease!

If you’re ready for breakthroughs, they’re ready for you!

To kick things off, the FREE Feng Shui video series to set up your home to create breakthroughs is on the way!

Sign up HERE to get started with the videos as soon as they arrive!


feng shui 101And, if you want to dive in to your own personalized feng shui in a modern, practical way, Say hello to Feng Shui 101. Its the guide I made for you to create your own personalized feng shui at home, in the office, wherever you may be… in 8 weeks. It’s not filled with strict rules or what you “must” do. Its filled with information, questions, exercises and even videos and classes to help you confidently create amazing spaces with killer feng shui and live with more flow.   Learn more about the 8-week feng shui adventure & grab your copy to get started right HERE…  And, as always, please let me know what happens!


  1. Norma

    I loved this and it couldn’t have come at a better time – same goes for the cash camp. Just found out a few days ago I’m pregnant so any extra money we can bring in will be fantastic.
    Hope your arm is much better now.
    N xx

    • danaclaudat

      congrats!!!!! woo hoo!!!! thank you!!!!

  2. Ken

    Awesome Dana! l love crystal stones. Special for grouding, i used carnelian gemstone.
    Can you write an article about, how to handle the celluraire transformatie. Lots of people have symptoms of feeling moody, headache and feeling all day tired. Because the light energy on the Earth get more intense.
    Love and Light!



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