Are You Doing Everything Right And Things Are Still Wrong?

Aug 1, 2015 | Prosperity


What you do every day matters… and you know that.

But how you do what you do… well, that’s even more important.

Gordy and I were hard at work together in the last few weeks.  When I spend time with the dogs, I’m with them 100%. When I’m filming stuff, I have to show up for so many people, I’m 100% there. With my clients, it’s super-focused.

My habits for other things, though, were not as sharp and clear…and no matter how much “work” I seemed to do, nothing changed.

If you’re doing “everything right” and eating “everything right” and thinking “everything right” and things are still wrong where they should be right, there’s this awesome thing you can do…

It doesn’t require you do more to have things go right.

In fact, you may need to do much less. And do it better.

Look at where you are doing so much and nothing seems to change. 

Yesterday as I was doing my evening Buddhist prayers, I started reading an email from my temple about how when your eyes wander and your attention wanders during practice you aren’t really practicing. It’s a sign of distracted thoughts. It’s written in 3000 year old texts, and reiterated in 800 year old writings.

And…I was reading it on my phone while I was supposed to be doing this practice.

And…it’s not the first time!!!

Turns out, I may as well have been not going through the motions of practice since I wasn’t “in it.”  It’s become a 15 year habit.  When I’m strong in focus, everything is strong. Brilliant and magical, actually. When I start all these slouchy, distracted, mind-wandering, eyes-wandering habits, it’s not the same. Not even remotely close.

It’s so funny that I’ve been talking about the hours I practice and yet all the power and all the flow I usually feel when I’m on point…it’s not there. More distracted hours piled on, and not even close to awesomeness emerged.

Are you doing this in your life?

  • Extra long workouts that are unfocused and maybe even counterproductive?
  • Logging huge hours at work while accomplishing little because it’s all sort of phoned-in?
  • Sleeping “enough” but with a TV on and walkling up so much you never feel rested?
  • Going through the motions of cleaning or cooking… but nothing ever feels great?
  • Writing on automatic because you’re meant to be productive?
  • So much time spent with a spouse or a date or a friend but nothing remarkable builds in your connection because you’re checking your phone or just distracted?

I’m guilty of all of the above at one point or another.

space clearing

It was funny when I found myself complaining just yesterday that my own home felt stagnant but I’d worked “so hard” to fix it that maybe it was time to move. I’ve been barely home and at home I seem to have convinced myself I was working hard to change the energy of my home to match up to all my new activity.  I wasn’t, though.  I logged lots of time tinkering with my house, but my heart wasn’t in it until yesterday when I settled into my own feng shui and turned my own space back into a power-station of energy!

A present 30 minute tea with a friend is more energizing than a 2 hour conversation full of air.

A heartfelt hour of magic is worth more than weeks of “blah” or “OK”

Quality is far more imporant than quantity in my life these days.

Focusing energy is more important than just throwing a confetti of exuberance out in a zillion directions. That used to be my way: all over the place and totally enthusiastic.  I seemed like Superwoman and felt like I was never going to actually move out of my exhaustion and stagnation.

Living this way, I wound up sick, in crisis and beyond broke. My debt was freakishly huge to me. But I was working harder than anyone I knew!

Nothing’s as demoralizing as feeling you’ve taken every right step and still it’s wrong. I know it. It’s so frustrating.

So can you do less, but do it for real?

This is so easy to say but, man, it’s a habit adjustment and an eye-opener if you really get into it.

You’ll be thoroughly amazed at how much better you can do just about anything.

And… that reminds me of my all time favorite story of how to do anything better. It still makes my cry happy tears to tell this story:

So, it can be far more fun and rewarding than you thought to make huge changes in your life!

xoxo Dana

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