Feng Shui To Create More Opportunity In Your Life!

Aug 2, 2015 | Creativity

Feng Shui To Create More Opportunity In Your Life


Whethr you need some motivation to work in the summer heat, or you need more of a feeling of stability and opportunity any time of year, these feng shui tips from my own mentor, Dr. Gabriele Van  Zon, can help you create what you need. Setting yourself up for success just got very golden and sun-shining!

maple yellows and golds


Feng Shui Tips for A Lull in August by Gabriele Van Zon, Feng Shui Universal

In many countries August is like a pause in the rhythm of life. Here, Congress is in recess, and the president goes on vacation. All of France is asleep or away. For some of us, August is a transition month and looms like a giant question mark – is it still summer? “Autumn is in the air” we say, as we describe subtle weather changes.

Feng shui wisdom correlates late summer with the earth element. So perhaps August should be a time of reflection and stabilization. Summer activities are winding down, and the fire element has exhausted itself at the zenith of summer heat and long daylight hours.

If August is getting you down, it’s a good time to introduce attributes of the earth element, e.g. adding yellow to those fiery reds of summer will give you a subtle boost instead of wild expectations. Yellow, the color of clarity and enlightenment will also help if you decide on an August retreat. A brief period of contemplation and meditation is desirable in preparation for the new school year or going back to business.

Think of earth as the refueling element where you will find your resources replenished with a steady supply of new energy. Restraint is helpful as too many choices of what to do next will zap your energy. Categorize your distractions and create a free window for renewal. Some yellow postems are helpful reminders for the next task.

Earth energy is fertile ground for new ideas to take root and grow – therefore, listen into the silence and dwell in the space and time you have created during this open window in August.

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(abigail ahern)

To encourage personal renewal and reflection, we give you space to create your own window of opportunity with valuable feng shui tips:

  • Empty jars and containers attract the gifts from mother earth and the universe. Put them in the center or near the entry. They can also be outdoors or in the wisdom-knowledge area.
  • Bamboo is the symbol for the scholar or sage, flexible and hollow inside collecting more wisdom.
  • Clutter clearing in the geometric center of the house will focus on what’s central in life with a shift in priorities.
  • Dedicate the center point to earth with a hanging crystal or a crystal globe.
  • Depending on décor or design, a square rug is grounding and stabilizing.
  • A small square mirror is a symbol for reflection and doubles the space.
  • A fresh bouquet of yellow flowers activates the center or the wisdom and knowledge area.
  • Secure your virtual world which is in the clouds, and
  • Find ways to anchor vital information in the physical environment which is earthbound.
  • Yellow note pads add luster to your lists.
  • Write with yellow pencils.
  • Add yellow veggies to your plate.

Super fun and gorgeous!!!  Thank you Gabriele!

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