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Aug 4, 2015 | Prosperity

living wall(jane macleish’s image of the living wall at flora grubb in SF)

I’ve talked a lot in the past about becoming more visionary, expanding life so you can do more and have more and give more. Great big concepts can open your eyes to so many possibilities, it’s fun to share them and get into them and start thinking with them…

Today I thought it woud be fun to be more simple….but yet it’s so vital:

Do you know what you want?



It means a lot to know what you want.

And I don’t mean this in a “guru-speak—law of attraction—massive manifestation” New Agey way. Though all of that stuff is fun and cool, it can fall flat on some people’s ears who resonate with it.

It means a lot to know what you want… and I mean it in a very practical way.

  • You can’t buy plane tickets if you have no idea where you want to go.
  • You might have a hard time building relationships if you aren’t sure what you want to build.
  • It’s tricky to get things done in a day if you don’t know what you are doing.

You get the picture. Simple, you know.


What do you want?

Today… what do you want or need to create?   What do you want to eat? What do you want to read? What time do you want to go to bed?

Small details but big enough to make a day change dramatically! Stuff happens when you know what you want!

And if you’re floundering these days, sort of burning through days aimlessly, it’s worth focusing on this now… really really worth it.

And it’s fun.

What do you want?

When I ask my clients what they want it’s often a general response I hear: love, money, a new job, etc…

It’s a starting point.

With a general want you’ll get a general feng shui recommendation that will work generally well.

I don’t do general.

I do detail, essence, clarity and excitement!

When we bring that brightness to the design table- the wrinkles and folds and nuances and vision of what you want to create- the feng shui is specific, it’s striking and it’s often as dramatic as magic.

I can tell you the fine points of things I want in adventure, in creativity, in art, health, spirituality…in so so so many ways I feel so clear and things flow… but when a “relationship guru” asked me what I wanted from a relationship, well, I was general about it to say the least.

“Love, of course.” And then I mumbled a few great values I could list off… “honesty, confidence, intelligence…”

It was pretty fuzzy and I could have been describing almost anyone.

I used to know exactly what I wanted from relationships.  And I almost always had it. And it wasn’t what I wanted in the end. So, I stopped knowing what I wanted and sort of let it all go it’s own way.  Instead of getting more clarity, more self-reflection and all of it… I just let “fate” take over and focused on everything else in life in stunning details that’s all happening now… I used to dread being asked on dates “what I wanted…”  and sort of change the subject. I just really didn’t know.

My life reflected that lack of clarity!

And now that I started to know more clearly again, and to know what I’m willing to give, the people I’m meeting are stunningly great.

Truth: I may not want what’s right, but I have a better chance of doing something right if I start with clarity.

You may not want the “perfect” things for you, but it’s awesome to want and to direct all your life force and create so much more that you want and understand that your energy is going in the right direction.

I used to design rooms without a real plan because my inuition is so strong.  Then I had to design 10,000 sf of raw space.  I needed a plan. I felt overwhelmed without clarity.

You stay small out of necessity if you don’t know what you want.

Knowing what you want is so simple but amazingly potent.

If you’re stuck not knowing what you want try exploring:  get lost in museums, spend more time in nature, pay attention to your dreams, browse libraries and bookstores and magazines and blogs… and see if details start to emerge.  Keep adding little refinements like color or season or specific places you want to visit.  Until I found so many pictures of succulents at Flora Grubb (above) I was on the fence about visiting San Francisco… but with a specfic location in mind, I have to go soon!

Your enthusiasm for what you want is unstoppable and illuminating.

Not too long ago, I hit a wall in terms of my enthusiasm for what I was doing every day outside of work, and even in my creative life.  So, I created a book for myself.  It’s a book filled with my visions for the next few years in every way: fitness, spirit, creativity, relationships, wellness, style, home, money, adventure… so so so much stuff.  Filled pages and pages getting more and more specific.  And… as a result… the world lit up!

This is so simple- dreaming in such specifics-  but when’s the last time you did it?  I hope if you haven’t yet that you do…right now!


xoxo Dana



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  1. Alice

    I feel like you peered into my life of the last few months and wrote this especially for me. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that gets all fuzzy and frustrated like this. Thank you for reminding me I need to be way more specific xx


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