Feng Shui To Bring Flow Back To Life Where You’ve Been Really Stuck!

Aug 5, 2015 | Prosperity



If you try and try and you’re still at square one with stuff…

If you wish and visualize and pray or meditate and still its not right…

If you are saying you’ve tried everything… and yet deep inside you know something’s wrong…

Something is wrong.

And the way to fix it is totally within reach. Right now.


Is your energy off?

Companies pay Management Consultants upwards of millions of dollars to uncover the reasons things have been wrong no matter what tactic is taken in business. One fast-growing company I worked at years ago learned after one such comprehensive evaluation that things were wrong because no one liked the management and the space was filled with fear and resentment.

Haha, of course, the company fired the consultants and changed nothing! They also went out of business.

It’s hard to hear that we are the reason things are wrong in our lives.

It’s definitely easy to look to the negativity or incompetence of others… but they are there because you allow it.

It’s natural to look to misfortune as the great big reason nothing is right… but there are world-rocking events… and the show must go on.

But… beyond these things that seem to have cause… our energy can be just off and we don’t know why, exactly. It could actually be that you have…

  • no inspiration or connection to what you are doing
  • poor sleep that you don’t even realize is poor (if you wake up refreshed without an alarm, you are tracking well for good sleep…and most of us don’t do that!)
  • too much sugar…or skipped meals
  • loneliness
  • boredome from a lack of challenge
  • and even deficiencies like a lack of exercise or Vitamin D or iron or electrolytes can make you feels super-off-kilter for no reason that’s easy to spot.

That’s just the start.

Simple, basic stuff can make or break your day.

I was asked to finish this sentence* a while back by a life coach.

“The problem I run into everywhere I go is….”

She then made me see how I create that problem I named.

(*You might want to try it… such liberation in that simple exercise!)

If your energy is off, you can choose to change it now.

Responsibility is a bland and unglamorous and life-altering word.

Take responsibility for what’s been out of whack around you and you can make it right…!

I typically start with :  “I created (this issue…whatever it is) and I can set thing straight.”

  • Sitting and smiling at your computer screen might make you feel rediculous for a moment, but its a powerful start.
  • Doing basic things like eating better, sleeping more, doodling… all free up the magic in your mind!
  • Cleaning up your home creates space for big changes…
  • And take time to get back into your own energy alignment!
  • When you are scattered energetically- overwhelmed, chaotic, fearful, hurt, angry- scattered money, love and wellbeing follow.  We create our own opprtunities as much as we create our own obstacles.

Get it together.  Build fortune on a solid foundation.

xoxo Dana




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