10 Ways Your Space Can Help You Build Your Wealth!

Aug 8, 2015 | Prosperity


You build your wealth.

A money tree or lucky bamboo won’t do it for you…it won’t bring you money on it’s own.

You create your wealth.

And… even though you make your money happen, your home, overall, (not just money symbols), can majorly support this prosperity in so many ways! 


Pyrite is “fools gold”…richly glimmery, intensely heavy and multifaceted.  It’s also quite expensive, though far less expensive than solid gold. I happen to love it.  But plopping this stone in a home full of chaos or stuckness- in a life where you have no idea how much money you have, no plan for future and no clarity on the present-  won’t likely be the way to wealth on it’s own.


(Hawaiian Home & Remodeling Magazine, photo by Aaron Yoshino)

My client’s home in Hawaii is a lovely example of expansive prosperity.  Light, bright, fresh, full of nature… Just brilliant!!! It’s a great example of careful curation, feeling fantastic, infusing real brightness into your day…

For the people who live here, this home is a sanctuary!

Wealth and abundance or prosperity or anything else you want to call the idea of knowing your life is secure and you are cared for and you have enough… and more than enough…it’s something you can see in your home.

And your home- with some practical shifts to get it glowing-  can support you in building your wealth, abundance, prosperity and security!

Here are 10 ways your feng shui’d space can help you build your wealth:

1. You are organized. And when you do have order that works for you, energy flows freely. That’s where peace of mind begins. You aren’t guessing…you know where things are. You know how much money you can spend. You know what goes where…and you know what you are creating, clearly!

2. You see how you are creating your money story. That’s where real change begins. When you take responsibility for your wealth, you see how that story can change because it’s not happening to you, it’s created by you!!!

3. Inspiration flows. When you are inspired, life expands. The biggest businesses and life breakthroughs were created in lightbulb moments!

4. Confidence soars. When you feel powerful, you have the energy and the guts to confront things that may be pushed to the side, stuffed in drawers or unopened in inboxes or mailboxes. No more avoiding. In it’s place comes creating big change!!!

5. Happiness comes easier.  Happy people make more money. It’s not a New Age myth, it’s actually been scientifically studied!

6. You feel (and are) more efficient. There’s nothing like having more free time. When things are alive and glowing, everything moves more effectively, including your thought processes!

7. Your space reminds you of your dreams every single moment… short-circuiting self-sabotage. We all have weird “money programming” from childhood and our parents and society and on and on.  You can focus on your mind infinitely and either have success or spin in circles. I’ve spun in many circles until I learned to get present and flood my life with abundance everwhere I look!  When you are present and create a space that mirrors your intentions, you make stuff happen today, in present time, the way you really want them to be!

8. You see growth everywhere. Seeing plants and landscapes have helped patients heal after surgery. Nature heals us. It’s a fact. Seeing growth and nature and harmony helps all of life to grow in positive ways!

9. Your sense of hustle and ingenuity is sparked. When you’re more focused, excited about your personal space and feeling inspired, you can create freely and feel fanastic!

Plus… you’ll have space for what you create!

10. You’re more prepared and resilient.  When you’re prepared for shifts and changes and bumps in the road, you can turn them into opportunity rather than into a reason to stay stuck or sink…!

One of the super-chargers to all prosperity is to create space.

Clear space.

Empty clutter from your drawers… along with the disorder of your days… the clutter of your mind pulled in so many directions… and suddenly you create space for opportunity. And rejuvenation. And real abundance!



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  1. Lori

    Good morning –
    Just tried to go to the free starting video of cash camp and the url does not exist. This was the response……
    Heroku | No such app
    There is no app configured at that hostname.
    Perhaps the app owner has renamed it, or you mistyped the URL.
    Please advise.

    • danaclaudat

      its over now… so the videos won’t be back out till 2016 🙂 Sorry I’ll make surethe rest of te old links are down, the team missed that one!


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