One Feng Shui Shift To Bring Excitement And Flow To Any Place You Feel Stuck!

Aug 10, 2015 | Creativity

One Feng Shui Shift To Bring Excitement And Flow To Any Place You Feel Stuck!

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Details matter.

And if you feel aimless or overwhelmed or just scattered or blah… you may need to add adjectives, modifiers, numbers, colors and actual sparkling clear details to your life.

Details turn “I’m a writer, and I want to work more…” to “I’m primarily a screnwriter with an affinity and talent for period drama and I’m really in demand.”

Granted, clarifying things doesn’t always instantly bring you what you need with the wave of a magic wand… but it always sets that magic wand in motion.

Details make a huge difference in bringing flow to anywhere you feel stuck!

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(elle decor espana)

If you go to test drive a Ferrari, you’ll see how every edge, every finish and every curve has a meaning and a purpose.

Details are often associated with luxury.

Every day is a luxury that deserves your attention to detail.

There’s a small food stand in LA that’s won many prestigious awards including a James Beard Award.   Each day, every ingredient- albet simple ingredients- are chopped and kneaded and lovingly fashioned by hand into the best burritos I have ever experienced.   They understand the quality of details.

You don’t need to wildly adorn your house to have details that stand out and shine.

You don’t need to know the color of your soulmate’s eyes before you meet them…

But you do yourself a great service to pay attention to detail… especially when you feel things have gotten stuck.

When I don’t feel like cooking, I’ve gotten into the habit of looking up how to do some simple cooking thing better. For example, my “so-so” roasted cauliflower has become an addictive batch I can’t wait to make… just by learning to get better at a few of the details of making it.

Details take a general dream statement like “wanting to work with incredible art” (*not sure what that looks like exactly, but it sounds like a good thing as vague as it is)  to “running a blog that champions Contemporary artists and the art-making process.”  (*that is very easy to see as a product!)

Can you see how general things are sort of flat… but specific things spring to life?

It’s one of the ways to make a stronger connection to your home and healthy habits and stay in the flow of life.


Idea for the day: Can you take a wishy-washy or way too general or stuck part of your day and make it more intriguing by becoming more specific?  You’ll know when you’ve made the connection— you’ll feel the click of awesomeness and excitement!

xoxo Dana



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