Wealth-Building Feng Shui Essentials To Get Your Fortune Growing Today!

Aug 13, 2015 | Prosperity

Wealth-Building Feng Shui Essentials To Get Your Fortune Growing Today!

It’s been a lot of talk of prosperity these days. It’s the #1 reason I’m hired to do feng shui and the #1 issue that people site as the solution to all problems.

Money won’t solve everything. The tumultuous lives of many lotto winners attest to that.

But money that’s in order and flowing does create peace of mind, a greater ability to feel and live with freedom, and the stability that allows the rest of your life to flourish. Having grown up without that peace and stability, I never knew how much easier life could be until I created that for myself. It took some doing, but I’ll never turn back on the habits that make me feel the ground under my feet and a flow-and trust in that flow, and inspiration to stay in the flow- again.

In feng shui- and an increasing amount of science these days, energy is everything. Prosperous energy makes a big difference in not just your wealth, but your wellbeing!



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xoxo Dana



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