Five Ways Your Home Can Make You More Positive & Prosperous

Aug 14, 2015 | Prosperity

plants and crystals

I stuck a crystal in the pot of this succulent that was all green when I got it. It’s started to turn pink and other colors emerged.For me this is a perfect example of the mysterious and yet very real connection between energy and objects.

We’ve nearly all heard- or have been bombarded with- the message that thoughts become things. And that positive thoughts bring a more prosperous life. And on and on.

While I share a lot of ideas and science, I know nothing of how to “erase” the negative past from life (and I’ve spent over $25,000 and well over 10 years trying to wipe out my childhood and teenage years no no avail with every high tech method known to mankind, it seems!) and I don’t deal with anyone’s mind directly.

The only things that keeps life positive and focused and feeling fantastic that I’ve found: showing up in the moment fully and surrounding yourself with positivity everywhere you look.

There are no mental gymnastics involved. Though if you like or need to do whatever you do for your mind, have at it! Your environment will reinforce your want for positivity. Things become present and easier and brighter when positive messages are everywhere you look.

If you are trying to change your mind and become more positive, look no further than your environment to help you do it brilliantly!!!

As I’m getting ready for the Catalyst Camp Home + Life Declutter (the FREE Decluttering video class is here!), I’m flooding my home with ridiculously positive energy….! After all, I can’t teach from a deficit. And, it’s my wish that you shouldn’t live with any deficits, either!

I’ve learned that to really become fused with large groups of people that have become an extended network for me as much as me for them (I love you, my de-cluttering Catalyst Campers!) I need to reinforce my energy much more than ever before.

In the process of all this reinforcing and polishing and changing, I realized a few key ways that space affects our positive, powerful mind for the better… and how to start shifting what’s gone dark to the light, right now!!!

1. Space can feel too limited. If you feel like you don’t have enough room to exist, you may need to let some stuff go…or get a bigger space. I know people who thrive in 300sq ft city studios and in 1600 sq ft people who barely fit without a massive declutter. There are infinite ways to expand your space and get that spaciousness, but the simplest is to let things go.

The pile building for donation this week is a start to more space being made!!!

2. Space can feel stale. And with the stale scents and stale, non-moving air, your thoughts go awry.   A few drops of aromatherapy or a simple fan can make all the difference! Something as simple as opening windows can be a game-changer so simply it’s surreal.

3. Space can feel heavy.  Do you have lots of heavy messages in books or lots of darker art on the walls, content-wise? Do you have lots of heavy furniture?   There are so many ways to lighten up. See if something too heavy can move out of your home!

4. Space can feel disconnected.  Something as simple as adding a new soap you love to the bathroom or a doodle or painting you’re proud of to the wall is instant freshness! If you aren’t connected to your space, you’er missing out on the major ways it can help you to stay grounded and have a solid foundation to build a life you love.

5. Space can feel poor… and space can feel prosperous! Now, please don’t confuse this with the idea that you need ultimate luxury goods to have a prosperous space. I felt nothing less than a zillion bucks hanging out in Soho as an 18- year-old with now-famous artists in what then were seedy, cheap, run-down lofts (can you imagine?!) in Soho and Chinatown that were literally brimming with artistic prosperity.

No one was rich… but you could feel wealth in the air! And that wealth came in boatloads to so many of those people in those prosperous-feeling spaces…!

You can turn your home right now into a space that magnetically teems with prosperity. In turn, that space will help you live a more positive & inspired life.

Small steps = big difference. Be consistent and keep building a space that lights up your dreams!

xoxo Dana


  1. Melle

    I did the same thing with the crystal after I saw your post, mine was an orchid. The roots went growing upwards looking all healthy!!! Crazy. Love it !!! Xxxxx


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