DIY Decor Projects You Can Actually Do (!) To Beautify & Connect To Your Home More Powerfully!

Aug 15, 2015 | Creativity

jones design company

(jones design company)

When I look to my right, very special curtains that I made all-on-my-own for a very special project hang beside me. I look at them and feel next-level connection to my space- a mix of pride, style and artistry.

While some DIY is for the extremely skilled (I am on the very medium level, and level low to none where real construction is involved!) these projects are doable and they make a big difference. Like these paper fans from Jones Design Company

Beautiful stuff awaits!!!


(a beautiful mess)

I’m thoroughly obsessed with this washi tape idea from A Beautiful Mess.

garland photos


THIS fringed photo garland on the PBTeen blog is stupendous!

floral art


Glue some faux flowers to a board. Spray. Done.

sofa table

THIS sofa table DIY from Something Is Done is actually easy enough for me to attempt (I need one, badly) and super-stylish, too!!!


Brit & Co totally blew my mind with this jersey fabric (an old dress, t-shirt) macrame plant holder project…!

Fun stuff for the making!

There’s no end to the small upgrades you can make for little to no extra money…and each project brings more of your personality to your space!

That’s where the power starts!

xoxo Dana



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