Clearing The Sneaky Clutter That Can Stress You Out & Drain Your Power!

Aug 20, 2015 | Prosperity

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When things get busy you expect- rightly so- that you’ll feel more powerful.  When you are soaring at work or feeling fantastic about life, there’s no question you should feel spectacular.

There’s one thing- one kind of clutter- that can make you feel less powerful as things get bigger and busier and better.

Today, let’s start clearing that source of stress from your space!

Unfinished Projects.

What’s not done?

I see two tables I need to replace immediately, along with a rug.  There’s a spot on the wall to re-paint, and an earthquake crack in the kitchen wall.  Now, from all the filming happening these days in my house, a bunch of wires have become a pile of tangled mess spotted with gaffer’s tape sticky residue.  Plus,  I have a pile of home products to review, a list of videos to do, things to write…

Thats’ just what I see in a quick glance and I am really “on top of” my space and my stuff. There’s just a lot of it.  A lot of action.  The packages arrive, new projects start and I have to keep going.

You probably experience the same.  People show up.  New things are happening. New excitement.  And the wires stay a mess… the art never gets hung… the art projects never quite get finished…

My list has become so long now that I am enlisting help to finish all of mine in a day next week.  For me the list is endless because things keep growing, and when I started to feel shaky and overwhelmed rather than excited and powerful I looked around and saw what I needed to see.

Do you have unfinished projects that need to get done?

Here’s why it’s so vital to do them.

Unfinished projects reflect scattered attention.  And they reinforce scattered attention.

Where have you been scattered in your focus?

Scattered focus is how we all live now, by default, losing power as we grow rather that feeling more secure.  My email alone is so incredible and unwieldy sometimes… and there are things due, things to create, things to complete…

You know me: I start with the home.

Can you find one unfinished home project and take one step toward completing it- if not completing it completely- today?

As the above image suggests, it doesn’t matter how slow you go… but it matters that you keep moving toward the finish!

Do this with every lingering, staring-you-in-the-face project and you’ll generate a whole lot of power.

It’s the kind of power and strength and integrity in your space that makes you more apt to say No instead of Yes to other things that pull your focus.  It’s the pride in finished projects that bring you the momentum to finish more and more and take on the newer, bigger and brighter…!

While it does take energy to finish these projects, completing these things creates something magical I call  BANDWIDTH.  Just like a bunch of junk on your computer can slow down the computer and hog up its bandwidth until you get it all cleaned out and have a super-fact computer again, these unfinished projected that get completed bring you back to your super-fast, super-focused and brilliant self!!!

This is a simple and wildly powerful way to shore up your life so this sneaky clutter doesn’t stress and depress you and pull you away from the amazing things in a day.

When you empower your home, you empower your life!

xoxo Dana

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