The Prosperity Feng Shui Crystal Grid!

Aug 21, 2015 | Prosperity

Energy Muse Feng Shui Prosperity Grid

One of the best things feng shui does for your finances is help you to both collect and organize your energy so that it flows where you want and need it to go.

And while energy may seem very “airy” and invisible, mystical and sort of a mess to try to direct (I mean, it’s energy, you know!) in feng shui there are tools like art and color and yes, crystals, that can help you to SEE that energy that you can feel but have no idea how to organize in its invisible, unweildy ways.

When you can SEE energy, you can USE it to create more of what you want!

I’m so excited to share this Feng Shui Prosperity Grid that Energy Muse designed for the blog for you!!!

Energy Muse Feng Shui Prosperity Grid

Talk about planting seeds and manifesting desires. It was about 4 years ago when I started the blog you are reading from my Tumblr blog that got really popular.  A friend you might know of now was over talking about all the deals he was making for his business.  Sitting on the front stoop of my old glamorous Hollywood building I said somewhat hazily and dreamily: ” I love Energy Muse. Have you seen their jewlery? I want to do something with them…”

Of course, life went on and I felt I wasn’t ready yet to do things like jewels or  anything, really, except figuring out how to make the blog happen every day.  It was the very first steps…

Lately I’ve had all kinds of ideas flood back to me, and with that flood of ideas-  and the actual oganization and structure I have now! – Energy Muse reached out to do a collaboration!

Energy Muse Feng Shui Prosperity Grid

That’s how the Energy Muse Prosperity Feng Shui Grid Kit was born!  You can actually get the kit here, or you can improvise and make one from what you have…or what appeals to  you…

But, this grid is specifically symbolic and gorgeous so let’s get into how it was made… and why!

Heather Askinosie, co-owner of Energy Muse Jewelry, designed this prosperity grid blending together her knowledge of Feng shui, healing crystals and Kundalini. This immensely powerful prosperity Feng Shui grid contains multiple crystals and Chinese coins.

12 Chinese Coins
4 Citrine stones
5 clear quartz stones
8 pyrite stones
4 tree agate stones
2 aventurine stones

You can do this grid on top of a flower of life grid, or over an image that represents prosperity to you.

  • Three chinese coins are tied together using a 9-inch red string to activate the coins. (Red brings fire… and fire brings action!)  These coins have two symbols on one side, and on the other there are four symbols. Place the coins in the north, south, east, and west directions of your grid with the side of the coins with the four symbols facing upwards. Have the red string placed so it is moving outward across the grid.
  • Next, place citrine stones on top of the four coins. This will activate the prosperity. Place a piece of clear quartz on the exterior of each coin to give clarity on how you want to create prosperity.
  • Place two pyrite stones in between each of the coins. Pyrite holds the energy of the sun and frequency of gold, bringing you the energy of riches.
  • Place one piece of tree agate on the interior of the pyrite to plant the seeds of prosperity.
  • Place two aventurine stones on the east and west sides.
  • Lastly place your clear quartz in the center of the grid. You can write your intention for prosperity and place it under the clear quartz or hold the stone as you say your intention.

To make the most of your grid, put it somewhere you can see every morning and evening. Bring even more power to your grid by setting it up on a Thursday during the time when the moon is moving from a new moon to a full moon, during the waxing period. Doing so isn’t a Feng Shui formula, but what Heather has found to be most beneficial by combining multiple sources of prosperity energy.

And if you want to build this very grid at home, it’s here for you in all its gorgeousness!

Start directing your energy where you want and need it to go in ways you can see, feel and admire and you’ll  have much more time, motivation, direction, power and…yes… prosperity!!!  You aren’t scattered, wondering, wishing; you are doing, creating and completing!

xoxo Dana



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