Feng Shui To Break Free From The Cycle Of Doing The Same Things & Expecting New Results!

Aug 22, 2015 | Prosperity

Feng Shui To Break Free From The Quicksand And Start Succeeding!

Why do we keep on doing the same things and wait for change to come then curse life when nothing changes… or it even declines?

When you think about it rationally, its nuts that we don’t change things yet we expect them all to be changed, you know?  And it’s common, whether we can all admit it or not.

Today, here’s some feng shui to break free of the endless cycle of  insanity we make for ourselves!


Small example:

I never took iron pills or changed my diet after finding out I was anemic 5 years ago ( I was sure it was just something that would correct itself naturally) and I got so crushed by the lab results six months later that showed I was more anemic than at the previous visit that you’d think I tried everything I could under the sun and nothing had worked to raise my iron levels.  I hadn’t done a thing, except, of course convince myself it would take care of itself.

I really was hysterical, almost hopeless for a good 20 minutes.  Am I always going to be this tired? Am I ever going to get rid of these dark circles? Am I always going to feel freezing cold? 

It was a whole festival of woe. Until I called a friend, still in total frustration, and she said:

“What the hell did you expect?!”

It was funny.  It was so true.

It’s almost like we can get lost in a fantasy mind that if we wish for something enough, it will happen.  Not working for it.  Not doing everything under the sun to try to fix it.  Just wishing.

If you are going along and doing the same jobs, having the same relationships, eating the same foods, doing the same exercises every day… then, weeks and months later, doing all the same things, you start bemoaning your fate that nothing has changed… well…

What did you expect?!

What’s worse is that if you try to change things because you get really frustrated… and decide to do even more of the same things… it can feel like you are sinking, running on a treadmill, working hard, feeling so stuck that it scatters your mind.

You get stuck even in motion.  Sinking, like in quicksand. Even though you are doing things  and doing them like crazy.

Because… they are the same things.  Extra hours at work at the same job.  Extra time fighting or being dissatisfied in the same relationship. Extra of the same things that aren’t working!

I see this, I hear this, and I catch myself still doing this… so often it’s mind-boggling.

space clearing

One of the best things to shake free of this kind of energy stagnation is some old-fashioned simple space clearing. 

HERE’s a lot more on it feng shui wise, but, basically, burn some sage or some candles with the windows open and breathe for a while.  You’ll free up some of the energy stuck in the same-same-same patterns.

Then… determine to do everything under the sun to fix/change/better whatever is wrong!  AND DO NEW THINGS!!!

Things won’t change by burying our heads in the sand. They change with courage and confront and doing stuff that’s new!

It’s so easy to say but harder to do…

But I know you can do it.

To break free, try fresh perspective, awesome ideas, a healthy amount of personal risk and some real work… with passion mixed in.  It’s life-changing.  It’s worth whatever it takes!

xoxo Dana

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feng shui 101

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  1. Dana

    I can’t wait! I’m so excited!

  2. Modeane

    so Dana it looks like you have been following me around & whispering in my ear! Thanks for this article, I TRULY needed it. bless you


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