Have You Been Trying Everything And Nothing Is Working?!

Aug 24, 2015 | Prosperity

 Feng Shui To Break Free Of A Cycle Where Nothing Is Working

Ever find yourself trying to make something better and yet things don’t get better…

And even when you work harder and harder at it they still don’t really improve?

I have.

It is the worst.

And you can change that cycle of stuck right now. 

About 15 years ago I appeared in a few commercials and wanted to try hosting and acting on camera. I went to the best acting school of very famous working actors in Hollywood to figure out the way.

Their way was this: Send out headshot photos to casting directors and agents. Tons of them.

So I did it. With huge passion. And nothing happened.

I had never encountered this before. I was doing this “right” and nothing was working.

I was advised to send more. And more. And more.

Thousands of mailings later- and thousands of dollars as these were sent by snail mail and printed as photographs- and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happened.

Until I was flat broke and completely beaten down by my apparent failure that I felt powerless to change.

I decided to return to working with Art because it was my first real passion. Galleries seemed to like me. I’d work my way up. I love the whole world.

While looking for an art job one day, a woman walked up to me and asked if I wanted to host an Internet TV show. Just out of the blue.

I hosted that Internet music show for almost a year, and it was incredible- with bands that became huge hits, in tour buses, at the coolest secret shows, in green rooms- and it flowed and I flourished.

To get my flow back, I needed to do things my own way, following what actually felt right, powerful and exciting to me.

You can do the same wherever you are stuck, today, right now.

If you are running up against a wall where whatever you’re doing isn’t working, doing more of whatever you’re doing probably won’t work either.

The iconic Coco Chanel said it best: “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”



Find a new way!

“The Path of Least Resistance” is a real thing.

When you push against things and try to force your way through you will get pushed and forced back.

Instead of forcing… FLOW!.

  • with more of what you love.
  • with ways that feel right to you, even if they seem crazy to others
  • with authenticity
  • with the willingness to do whatever it takes as long as you’re headed where you want to be
  • with an open heart
  • and… with a clear vision of your ideal

Move in a new direction wherever you’re stuck…starting right now.

Do even one thing differently today that feels AMAZING.

Whether it’s making a decision you’ve wanted to make… Or walking to work on a new street. Calling instead of emailing. Anything new that breaks up the pattern of stuckness & sameness. Something that makes you feel great.

Fresh perspective, order, flow and finding a new way that actually works for you is a life revolution if you’ve been stuck.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana

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  1. Dana

    I’m excited! I’m so so excited! I’ve been making so many positive changes in my life and home, and finding new sources of inspiration and courage within myself and through mentors such as you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



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