7 Ideas To Bring More Creative Possibility To Your Day

Aug 30, 2015 | Creativity

7 Ideas to Bring More Creative Possibility To Life

Creative possibility is the space where everything amazing that may seem out of reach becomes something doable.  From organizing your home for more productivity to solving problems with a special doodle technique, this week’s round-up of inspiration expands what you can actually do to feel better, flow better and create more of what you want!

From Dana D: I hope you’re having a super fabulous week. I am excited to start The Cash Camp and have been organizing, sorting, and donating things left and right.

And on that note… here are some tips from a professional organizer. She offers a nice little how to, to get the most out of your day.


I’m not sure if I’m the last person out there that’s just learning about Zentangle, but I’m loving it! Zentangle is a form of “artistic meditation used to increase focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being”. Since I’m always looking to try new things, especially art forms that challenge my brain, I’m enjoying testing my brain and hand at this. I especially like how this craft doesn’t want you to have a preconceived notion of the outcome. Look here and here for more information and instruction.

Have you ever heard of Quantum Biology? I hadn’t either until recently, scientists are finding that the rules of quantum mechanics are also applicable to biological phenomena such as photosynthesis, bird migration and DNA mutation (cancer). I think it will also explain why meditation helps and how our feelings affect our health. We shall see!

This TED video and THIS Nature article explain more.

(On side note, groundbreaking physicist Jim Al-Khlili also hosts interviews with other groundbreaking scientists every week and they can be found here.)


I am trying to get the most out of my summer produce and this Minty Cucumber & Cantaloupe salad from PBS sounds perfect in every way.

And finally, wonder what most artists have in common? You probably guessed: they write (ha ha ha).

Here’s a  great article to inspire you to write more and how it improves your thinking and art.

All the best,


Dana D. is a perpetually curious professional life student, domestic engineer, and astronautical engineer by degree. She loves to explore new neighborhoods, museums, meet people, and pet strange dogs. She believes that all miracles are huge and that you never know what the day will bring – so be positive, happy, and grateful.


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