One Cure For Stress That Can Inspire Your Whole Life!

Sep 2, 2015 | Prosperity

I’m about to finish an exciting project, and inspiration is… everywhere!

Finishing what is unfinished isn’t just common sense… it’s vital.

Finishing an unfinished project can inspire your life and cure tons of stress in the process.

Plus, that thing that’s lingering will now be done!

Let’s get into the action today of getting things finished, and finished beautifully!

When you have a lot that isn’t finished- even if its not obvious (like stuffed in drawers, on a back burner in your priorities) you’ll feel it in weird and profound ways.

  • Energy being pulled in a zillion directions.
  • No focus.
  • Mood swings that feel “out of the blue” and filled with overwhelm.
  • Heavy worry but about things that make no sense.
  • A lot of talking but almost no doing.

And on and on.

Unfinished stuff is something I’m fixated on a lot this season because it’s my own season of finishing things.  Things that started over a year ago are getting finished now in a big way.

It’s almost addictively blissful to me now to see things done. The flood of peace and inspiration is endless.

I get stuck not finishing things for the reason of  “Oh, it can be better when I’m inspired.”

That’s another way of saying, “I don’t have the energy now to focus on making this perfect.” 

Or, there’s “I have no time.”

Which usually means “I don’t want to ask for help.”

And then there’s “I’ll do this whole huge thing in one sitting… next week.”

I’ve come to learn that for me this is a fantasy way of saying,“I’m not going to do this unless I’m forced to do it.”


I don’t know who made the quote above (please let me know if you do!)  by Neil Gaiman but it’s too amazing not to share.

It’s amazing because it’s so true!

The want of perfect can stop things in their tracks.

Your chances of doing things wrong are zero if you do nothing. But:  so are your chances of doing anything right! Zero!

Why are you waiting to do something that has to be done? 

In Feng Shui, when you start moving wherever you’re stuck, things flow… so if you decide to wait, it’s counterproductive. It’s actually like a weight that drags down your whole life.

Finish something and you’ll feel amazing.

Finish something big and you’ll free up so much space in your life for greatness.

Finshing clears the clutter of pressure you may try to convince yourself doesn’t exist.

Are you surrounded by stuff that’s not done?

Pick one small thing you can finish today and even if it’s going to be uncomfortable or a trek into the vast unknown to finish it, finish it anyway!

I bet you’ll sleep better, breathe more and feel energized once it’s over.  And don’t forget to celebrate!  That’s a big way of remembering just how well you did!

xoxo Dana

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  1. Taiya

    Great post, Dana! I can think of a few things that need finishing. It is way too easy to say “I’ll do it later.” Time to get to work and stop with the excuses, thanks for the reminder!


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