10 Feng Shui Ways To Have An Ultra-Rejuvenating Weekend!

Sep 5, 2015 | Creativity

10 Feng Shui Ways To Have A Rejuvenating Weekend!

Happy Weekend!!! I used to take long weekends and try to pack them with stuff, knowing I had a dreaded office waiting for me when the holiday was done. Fun stuff, yes…but rejuvenating… not at all. There’s nothing quite like returning from vacation more tired than when you started!

Take a weekend to reset yourself and flow…!

Get more sunshine. Even if it’s not super-sunny, get out there!

Relax more deeply.  Less of an agenda helps the magic seep into the day, but a breathing visualization will take it to the next level. Close your eyes and count from 100 to 1 breathing deeply. if you are still awake, imagine beautiful things and people you love now count from 5 to 1 and open your eyes. Freshness!

Create a little extra space. I just managed to donate about 50 lbs of clothing. So much I can’t believe it was all there! My style has changed so much, the clothes had memories I didn’t need to see… and if they can help another person, I am delighted to share them!


See a dear friend. Or talk to a dear friend. Connect to the people you don’t see when things are too “busy.” Plan nothing. Just do life together.

Transform a bad idea into something better. If you’ve been carrying around ideas that aren’t serving you- worries, insecurities, fixating on the past of the future- nows a great time to transform it! Take a journal out to the park, to your patio, even just to your sofa and write out what’s been bothering you until you can’t think of another detail of your situation to spew. Now crumble it up, every word. Write out what you’d like to have in its place. Let yourself inhabit that idea, that confidence, that certainty, all weekend….and beyond. Take a bath or a nap and think about your new way of being. Live it more and more…!

Finish a project. Unfinished projects sap your energy. Finishing a project gives you power. Even something simple…once it’s done… it feels like you’re floating in paradise for a big moment of relief!

Explore your neighborhood. Your world expands when you walk in new directions and get attached to new locations. The coordinates of your world literally grow bigger!

Catch up on pop culture. Pop culture is one way we all connect. Don’t feel guilty for hiding out for a whole with your favorite TV binge on a marathon. It’s not healthy to do all the time, but there’s no shame in wanting to connect to culture 🙂

Leave your phone at home. Unplug. For real.

Live without rules…! Whether it’s what time you need to go to bed or what strictness you enforce on yourself or how the best way is to dress or anything else… let it go for a weekend. Those rules may not even suit you any more, and you won’t know unless you shake them off for a while. Surprise yourself.

I’m off to take a long walk and get ready for a weekend of the highest vibes!!!

xoxo Dana

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