Feng Shui To Revitalize & Glow

Sep 10, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Feng Shui to Revitalize + Glow


It’s popular in some corners of culture to talk about how everything is energy. It’s actually a scientific fact: all of life is energy. What our sophisticated minds, schedules and habits tend to skimp on is the need to recharge our personal energy. Just like you plug in your phone, you can plug yourself into a power source of more radiance and well-being by walking outside barefoot or spending some time in Nature.

The ancient art and science of feng shui teaches that you can actually tap into more of the revitalizing energy of Nature in your home every day, and modern innovations have made it possible to flow with more natural bliss and glow every day in luscious ways.

Head on over to Inspired Home HERE to check out all the innovative goodies- from aromatherapy humidifiers to Himalayan salt blocks to detox & de-stress and sooo much more- that I’ve been experimenting with for the last month with bliss!

xoxo Dana

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