8 Simple Feng Shui Ways To Transform Your Lifestyle

Sep 12, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Simple Feng Shui To Transform Your Life This couldn’t be any more of my mantra:

Do more of what makes you happy. 

Color, coffee mugs, glitter nails from Marie on Melrose… The friend who gave me this mug. The friends there when I got the mug as a part of a present so dear to me.


Today’s feng shui is filled with easy and simple ways to dip into bliss that is everywhere and make it a part of your everyday habits and lifestyle.

Less really can be much more.

Did you know that if you put a big dose of aromatherapy on your body it will physically impact you— but on the more subtle, magical levels you’ll overpower things and fail to make change.  Lower doses of essential oil make more of an impact on your subtle energy body.

Too much of any good thing goes into the zone of bad. Too much joy can stress out your body if it isn’t balanced by sleep.  Eating too many carrots turns your orange, and some people have reportedly turned BLUE from too much healing collodial silver supplements.

Love isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living. I’ve had a few people in life make winning my love their goal. They are – or should be- called stalkers.  One broke into my gate and showed up at the door of my guest house 10 years ago and it was the greatest terror I’ve ever experienced.  He then moved to a cottage above me (!) after I moved.  It took a lot to get away from that, and it was a scary time. People can’t be goals.

I’ve seen both women and men in droves set a goal of finding their soulmate, etc, etc, and then, with their “perfect person” list in hand, mechanically try to plug people into their imagined ideal.

Love is magic beyond any control I’ve seen.  Let it happen.  Live with more love and it will happen everywhere you turn!

Happiness begets more happiness.

When you add more of what you love to your home or habits, you kick off a chain reaction of happiness everywhere. It’s nothing new as a concept…but I see so few people who do it.  The coffee you love. The colors you love.  Yes, yes, yes.

Authenticity is precious.  Open your heart more.  I once- not too long ago- went to a famous underground healer who did things I can’t quite articulate though I felt their impact instantly.   It was unexplainable, fourth-dimension and totally wild.  My body was flooded with emotions and my chest hurt for days.  I didn’t understand what he did, so I called and asked. ” I opened your heart. It was too closed for most of your life.” Really? Well, life has never been the same in the best way ever since then.

Here’s more feng shui to open your heart.

magic sack of crystals

Subtle energy has as much impact as a flash of lightning. The energy that comes from your hands and feet is subtle and transformational.  Get a little more grounded and touch people and things you love much more.  Small crystals, bites of your favorite dessert, a short film, a poem… the tastes and sprinkles of greatness are amazing.

Color brings light to most things. Color is reflected waves. Color is, by definiton, energy reflections. Let color bounce around your home and your days.

Dana Claudat

Salt is a powerful purifier. This is me after a half hour in the ocean, feeling like the world washed off and only ease was left. Use salt to purify your life in simple ways.  Bowls of sea salt pepperted around your house then dumped after a few days is a dramatic space-clearing technique.  Purify and you will thrive…!

Being self-expressed is where beauty begins. Tell people how you feel.  Say your ideas.  Ask questions.  Listen.  Help other people have a safe place to express themselves. Create a safe place for you to express yourself.  Once it becomes a habit… fearlessness follows.

Be easy.  Part of being able to make change is being easy on yourself so you have the flexibility to make change.  From there, everything flows…!
xoxo Dana


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