5 Ways Your Home Can Remind You How Amazing You Are!

Sep 14, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

5 Ways Your Home Can Remind You How Amazing You Are

Every bit of your house is a mirror of your life.  Immerse yourself in that idea and you can make great changes in your space that flow so much power to your life.  It’s the “space-life” connection.

It’s TAO.


You can makes some gorgeous shifts today that help your space to build your confidence and self-esteem! 

confident blue

(design online)

There are three things in the above image of blue majesty that are vital.

The color blue is a great way to heighten confidence and calm all at the same time. Blue has all kinds of interesting stories  and properties: it can be a diet aid, it’s a peace-promoting color, it resonates with emotional healing… It is amazing.

Strong abstract art that is vertically shaped is a powerhouse. Strong, uplifting, resonant, energizing…!

Stripes can be so genius.  Smart stripes on a rug, art or textiles add a lot of energy to a room….and yes… if they resonate with you, they do the same for your every day!

Bathroom Flowers

(tulipina: what an amazing place for floral greatness)

Flowers in lush bundles are massive for your self-value. Create them yourself to add more of that Tao connection to each bouquet. You’ll be amazed at what you can make with fresh blooms!

And of course, display your accomplishments.  Whether it’s a brilliant piece of press on the wall of your home office or a trophy in a case or a photo of a proud day.

Even a small display of accomplishment will be a big high for your energy and self-esteem to remind you even more of just how awesome you are!

xoxo Dana

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