Feng Shui To Bring Power To Your Future!

Sep 21, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

Feng Shui To Bring Power To Your Future!

(elle décor)

What I Google these days tends to be all to do with power. Defining your version of power. Powerful examples of personal triumph. Powerful stories. Empowering foods. Powerful art.

Power is a self-created and personal concept. It doesn’t look the same for everyone.

To me: power is dynamic stability, the ability to take a personal mission and turn it into a force that makes the world brighter.

What does power mean to you?

The feng shui today is power-activating design to bring strong, magnetic energy to your space… and your life!

Elle Decor Miles Redd

Powering Up Your Future by Carol M. Olmstead

Whether you are trying to get recognized at work so you can win that future promotion, gain fans for your first novel, or seek more recognition for all you do at home, you can start by activating the Future Area in your home and workplace. This area, which is located in the upper center of the Feng Shui bagua, is also called the Fame and Recognition Area.

Activating this area with the right colors, shapes, and objects helps you receive the recognition you deserve for what you contribute to your world. In general, you activate this area with the Fire Element and the colors red, orange, deep purple, and by triangular shapes.


(align the bottom of the map with the entrance door… power/fame/future is the center of the area farthest across from you!)

To attract positive energy to this part of your home or workplace, first locate the Future Area using the Feng Shui bagua. (You can download a bagua to match the shape of your home or workspace from the “Basics” section of my website, www.FengShuiForRealLife.com).

red living room from elle decor

(elle décor)

Next, take a look at how you have arranged this room or area and determine if it truly represents how you want others to see you.

For example:
Is this the room in your home where you store the old and worn furniture that’s no longer “good enough” for the living room or family room? If this is the case, your cast-off furniture sends a message of disregard for your reputation and that you don’t deserve anything new, like that promotion.

elle decor red bookcase(elle decor)

Is this area cluttered? If so, it represents hoarding and a poverty mentality rather than a prosperity consciousness. You hoard things because you fear you’ll never again be able to afford them if you let them go. Feng Shui principles suggest that adopting a prosperity consciousness, or feeling of abundance, will help you attract wealth.

Are the walls empty or in need of repainting? This symbolizes lack of commitment to moving forward, and that life is passing you by. The Feng Shui law of attraction suggests that “you are what you see,” so if you are looking at blank, faded, or dirty walls, you are looking at a blank future.

If there is art, does it have depressing themes? If you surround yourself with images that are bleak, lonely, or remind you of unpleasant situations in your past, that’s what you will attract into your life rather than the recognition you deserve.

Finally, to enhance your reputation and achieve recognition, display items like these in your Fame/Future/Reputation area:

* Diplomas, certifications, awards, citations for a job well done
* Image of a sunrise, birds soaring, or a hot air balloon lifting
* Objects and art in the colors red, orange, or deep purple
* Pictures of what you want to achieve in the future
* Things made from leather, wool, or feathers
* Triangular or cone-shaped objects
* Vision Board
* Candle

Thank you Carol! These are such empowering ideas!!!

xoxo Dana

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