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Sep 23, 2015 | Prosperity

There’s this beautiful part of Buddhist philosophy that I have been thinking about non-stop these days as more and more stuff- products to review, opportunities to explore, people to see and know- come through my doors.

Everything is capable of attaining enlightenment.

Even my computer.

And… Even your chair. Houseplants. The stove. Your pillows. The ground beneath your feet.

Today, let’s enlighten your life with simple space-making.

Along with the potential for everything to become radiantly enlightened, the alternate state holds true: some things are not there yet. Or they’re not a part of your karma to create with. They don’t fit. They don’t connect. They don’t create synergy, magic, fun or passion. They have no use.

I found a letter to my mom I wrote from Paris at 19 where my life was a series of about 6 outfits, one faux fur coat and bottles of Evian. Every thing in my small place was meaningful. Every step I took in the same well-worn boots was memorable. I remember that year in almost full detail because it was total synergy and simplicity. I can even see the brick red door of my most favorite bar where you’d knock and wait to see if it would swing open for you.

I decided that year that I would come home to the same vibe…and to do it, I needed to clean house of distractions and pretty much everything that I didn’t find completely precious.

Today, I do the same every season, looking at all the extra things that need to move on. Like the fabulous grain grinder in my kitchen that has never been used, the pile of handbags to donate, the extraordinary goodies I just don’t need… I see it all, it pulls my attention, and it makes me feel like life is too full. Just like the extra 50 emails, the appointments I don’t care about…

These are the things that need to move on so that energy can be focused on enlightening the things that are dear and precious.

Do you have a lot of extra stuff in life that is neutral— not something you love, but maybe something of a habit or a time-filler? Lots of people who are great– but not aligned with your life? Lots of even luxury goods that don’t feel special?

You might want to create more space where things are easy and spare.  

When you fill your life only with what you love, you can transform with those things (and people, and ideas) into your best self. You can transform those things, ideas and people with you into a best version of themselves. Life becomes more spacious and clear.

In that space of clarity we thrive in that enlightened abundance.

With too much to do, too much stuff, too much stuff… it’s an assault of too much energy that doesn’t all fit.

It’s easy to hide in extra things, get lost in being busy or pretty much fritter away days on tangents.

When you have a spiritual practice, or meditate, or do yoga, or train for serious sports, or study with intensity…you can’t do it and feel your mind pulled in different directions at the same time.
Things get half done. No enlightenment, no advancement and no acceleration happens.

Extra stuff steals your focus.  

I started today at the peak of a small canyon in Hollywood. In that clear space, I had the same deep memory of every step just like Paris.

It’s time for another round of donations.

I have three sacks to haul to the charity bins filled with lovely stuff that I have no use for any more.

It’s refreshing.

You may have lovely things everywhere, but you may not need them all. You may have loads of fun things to do but all that extra stuff may be overwhelming your mission and purpose.

You may have great opportunities but, possibly, they aren’t all for you.

My biggest lesson in my career was saying yes when I wanted to say no on every level. But yes was an abundant choice, you know? Saying yes seemed like a winning idea… even if I didn’t want to do it…and it saying yes to everything was my first and only regret.

Live with simplicity and turn what you have into flourishing excellence.

Curate your life.

The people, the ideas, the pets and even the actual things that you love that you have in your world right now will flourish with focus, space and simplicity.

xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana


  1. Modeane Collins

    I’m 79, I hope it isn’t too late for me

    • Heidi F.

      It is not too late. Every handful of space cleared and beautified, every moment to enjoy it, is one more bit of just-in-time. I try not to let thinking of minutes/days/years I could have done things and didn’t keep me from doing them now, whatever I can do!

      • danaclaudat

        yes!!!! now is where you should be!!!!


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