10 Fresh Start Rituals For A Prosperous Fall!

Sep 27, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

10 Fresh Feng Shui Switches To Prosper This Fall


Fall is a season of harvest, bounty and getting ready for the reviving slow down of Winter. While I live in LA and there seems to be no difference between Spring, Summer and Fall- and climate change is making that a truism now universally- the seasons are in me since childhood.

In feng shui, when you embrace the seasons you embrace the Planet and it’s heartbeat. You honor the turning of time, the way things are meant to move. We go, go, go and tend to treat life like every day is the same, but seasonal switches make for the memorable difference. It’s also best for your body and your mind to have the connection to each season and its elemental richness.

Like I mentioned… you may be compelled to slow down as Fall turns to Winter, but you aren’t slowing, you are restoring.  Do this – let yourself go a little slower- and you’ll stay rooted in wellbeing, feeling fabulous and prosperous all year round.

10 Fresh Start Feng Shui Habits For A Prosperous Fall

(from the glorious Vitamini Handmade)

  • Organization hits new heights. Try out one way to organize, even if it’s just for your clothes in drawers.
  • Start a fresh exercise routine outside. Outside is key.  Feel the Earth under your feet.
  • Plan the holidays. There’s no better time to create magic. No matter what holidays you celebrate, really dive in.  Learn the deeper meanings behind the commercialized days we celebrate, and if you know the meanings, now’s the time to embrace those  meanings!
  • Craft with Nature. Pumpkins alone are glorious!  HERE’s some Fall DIY’spiration. 
  • Go richer with color.  Phone photo filters are richer in color and deeper in shadow. Dress with more jewel tones and earthy depth. Embrace the grounding of the season.
  • Seasonally pick produce. Eating with the seasons is sure-fire flow! You also get the best varieties and the most local produce!
  • Flip your wardrobe.  Do a big purge (I’m getting rid of almost everything I own) and pack away Summer stuff so you can focus on pure Fall.
  • Get up earlier. More light is what we all need. THESE tips can help you become a morning person!
  • Revamp your social presence.  Make your social media accounts reflect more of you every day.
  • Give, give, give. That’s what harvest is all about- tapping in and giving. Especially love.

& HERE’s more feng shui for a fabulous Fall, YouTube’d a few seasons back but as fresh as ever:

xoxo Dana



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