Three Crystals To Power Up Your World With Abundance!

Sep 28, 2015 | Prosperity

3 Crystals For Lighting Up Your Personal Magic

I’ve never been one to think that a stone could be the key to my life. After all, if a stone had that much power, it would be sort of absurd that everyone in the world wouldn’t just grab one and turn into the best version of themselves instantly, you know?

Crystals do have mesaurable energy.  They also have rich color and shine and tremendous stories that can fill your life with reminders that are far more dynamic and gorgeous than a post-it note or a phone alert!

I’ve come across three stones lately with supercharged stories.  They aren’t your typical crystals: a bit more rare, more enchanted and more divine. 

galena crystal

Galena: Thought to detox your body of negative energy, Galena is a white explosion of crystal points and silvery foiled fantasticalness.  It is thought to bring to light the parts of yourself you’ve neglected or suppressed so that they can be purged or polished, sort of a juice fast for your aura!   Galena is so precious and shining that it makes for a brilliant centerpiece on a coffee table or on a bookshelf or desk beside important (especially creative) work.  It’s inspiration at first glance!

Peacock Ore: The blue-filled bowl above! If you are in the process of a lot of space clearing, the gleaming peacock ore- chalcopyrite- is tought to help eliminate stuck energy in your space.  It promotes positivity and- at first glance of this wondrous rainbow, you’ll see why! Peacock ore is a great balancing act for energy, and I love it in jewlery, carried around in handbags, and hanging out on bathroom shelves.


Pyrite: in the bowl to the right on top as well as above, this Fool’s Gold is a big dose of energy.  Placing a bowl of small pieces on your desk is a workplace booster.  I like to put pyrite near (but not in) my fruit bowl to energize the fruit more! It’s thought to boost confidence and mental clarity, both big components of money-making, too!

While I wouldn’t bank my future on a stone- or anyting else- these vibrant wonders beautify your house while they intensify the positive vibes around you! Have fun, blanket your life in brilliant stories and let the love fill you up!!! xoxo Dana



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  1. Gerry

    They say that anyone who gives you peacock ore is a magical person.

    • danaclaudat

      I’ve heard that Gerry. I think its true.


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