Do You Need To Make More Space In Your Life?

Sep 29, 2015 | Creativity

Do You Need More Space In Your Life To Thrive

Do you have enough space in your life to thrive?

If you’re in the throes of chaos, if you have too much to do and not enough time, if you swim in clutter no matter how much Marie Kondo Method you try for your closets, if you have obligations stacked up or you are always behind…

You probably need more space.

I think most of us need more space.

And it’s not just space in a closet, either. It’s space to live, explore, love and create. It’s space to dream, to see, to improvise and tap into greatness.  

Do You Need More Space In Your Life To Thrive?

This morning at about 7am, I took a trip to the Downtown LA Flower Mart. It was super-spacious. The world was wide open. We stumbled upon the installation of hand painted reflective balls created by a legion of 10,000 people in Mac Arthur Park’s pond.

Every day has these openings when the right things seep in.

The only thing you need is the clear space to see them.

Yesterday, the world became too much for a minute and I raced to the beach to take a walk- the ultimate in space-clearing. Six blocks into my walk, I stumbled upon the person I most wanted to see, just sort of there, right in front of me.

Synchronicity only happens when there’s enough of a hum instead of a rattle in the background of things, less noise and more flow.

Depending on when you catch me during the day you’ll hear me say…” I need to get some space.”

I started saying it almost daily as things became busier and busier because…yes… I needed more and more space to breathe, to live, to think between the rushing and the overlaps and he back-to-backs and errands and dog baths and…

Without space there’s no inspiration.

Without space it’s hard to love.

Without space it’s hard to breathe.

I’m not talking about space as in real estate, but that’s always nice! I’m talking about a mind that isn’t a jumble, a life that isn’t a ping pong match of energies…time to think… space to shut down and tune out.

In my Grandma’s heyday of the 1930’s, meditation was not as big of a necessity from the sounds of it. Granted, it’s always a great thing, I think, to meditate, even in 1781 (!) , but back in the simple times when there were little more than radio waves and basic electricity to deal with in the air and technology was the simplest of cars, busses and the like, we weren’t a community of introverted people.

We now think too much. Even when you aren’t “thinking” per sey, surfing Instagram or watching Periscopes you are taking in information in huge doses. Watching TV your mind is bombarded.

It’s easy to get caught up in the waves of static in the air.

We have too many ways to unfocus.

Everything moves very fast. It’s exciting… but almost instantly overwhelming.

Out of this whole rushing, streaming, flying, racing, thinking, analyzing, researching…we lose space.

If you need more space…

No matter how many times you organize, there’s disorder.

No matter what you do, it gets un-done.

No matter how you try to focus, you unravel.

Space scares lots of us. It’s foreign. It’s still. It’s quiet.

But space is also magic. It’s receptive, it’s powerful, it’s dynamic, it’s larger than life and it’s the source of all the potential for greatness… and space that’s clear is the room we need for that greatness to arrive.

Get more space today.

  • Pull the extra magnets off the refrigerator & extra art off the walls.
  • Shut off your phone and take a nap without an alarm.
  • Get away from your desk and stretch.
  • Truly meditate in a distraction-free, music-free, technology-free walk.
  • Say no to extra things. Only do the essentials. (*the extra parties, the extra events, the extra stuff shrinks space)
  • Let yourself do nothing.

YES: Let yourself do nothing. In that deceptively simple doing of nothing, so much can happen!

xoxo Dana

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