10 Sparks Of Lifestyle Inspiration To Brighten Your Weekend!

Oct 11, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

10 sparks of lifestyle inspiration starting with…Leaf & Clay blog!

I’m deeply obsessed with Leaf and Clay succulent blog.  The only think I’m more obsessed with is Leaf and Clay’s Instagram.   You can get lost in the supernatural extraterrestrial gorgeousness here.

As you should.

Because real lifestyle joy is something to sink into deeply.

This weekend’s roundup of goodies go far and wide from art to raw delightful food to thrilling ideas to a yarn-bombing 104 year old badass inspiration of an artist.


Dana D has pulled together an amazing grab bag of links for the weekend filled with wonder to fold into your days…!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend, it’s a long one here in the States. I’m using it not only to catch up on work, but I’m taking the time to go to the beach (hours away) so I can relax and let the sea replenish my soul. I love a nice dip in the water. I hope you all have a rejuvenating weekend too.

This article will make you smile. It goes to show you, you’re never to old to keep creating and inspiring people.  Watch as this 104 year old artist yarn bombs her city…! 

Stephanie Esrtin paintings

(Stephanie Estrin)

Here is just some blatantly pretty art from Stephanie Estrin that grabs your eyes and heart. Ocean Blue and Ocean Mist are my favorite. ​

I’ve add The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge by Manuel Lima to my to-read list. Manuel Lima describes how we view and use massive amounts of data from the times of Enlightenment to present day. From using trees as a map of knowledge to today’s network he ties in humanities’ visceral attempt to understand all that it around us. He also gives a good TED talk here:

Even more beautiful images are available from the Getty, a godsend for those of us who don’t live near a museum. I enjoy perusing these from time to time;  it helps me remember how interesting and diverse art is.

And the Guggenheim put 1600 works online!  I’ve never been to the Guggenheim, but the art is intriguing and I can’t wait to go one day. Just looking at the work online transports to another time and place, going there would be epic.​ That might sound cheesy but I don’t mind. ​

THIS blog post really resonated with me. Everything about it, but especially #4 Always Find the Fun and Choose Love, when Meghan tells you to try dancing. I have a ten month old who is up every two hours at night. He’s not a “good” sleeper, neither am I. But too little sleep day after day, week after week, month after month and I start going bonkers. I’ll cry a little, but one of the most helpful things I do when I’m about to go nuts or if the baby isn’t feeling well, is to turn on some of our favorite music and dance around. I’ll sing at the top of my lungs and dance with him. He loves it, I love doing it, it lightens the mood and the air. We relax. And more often than not, both of us are able to rest. Love is the only way through any situation.  I also want to try the happy hatha yoga she recommends. It sounds like a fun way to decompress.

Raw Zucchini Pasta Salad


I’m out of zucchini right now, but I live in the southern half of the country so I’m hoping the markets here may get some back in stock like they did with tomatoes. If not I’ll be dreaming of THIS raw zucchini “pasta” wit cashew sauce until next summer.

This is fantastic. Two things I always have in my house, dates and nut butter combined for a pre-workout snack. That doesn’t stop me from eating them when I just need a little pick me up. And the best part is, no blender or food processor required. I don’t even need a knife! Ok, maybe to smear the nut butter, but there’s no chopping.

Immunity Juice

(sophie uliano)

I’m going to make this juice, though it will probably be more of a smoothie for me, very soon. I absolutely love green juices. I’m growing my own lettuces, herbs, and trying hard to grow my own root vegetables to make this season to clean, green, and purifying.

Have a wonderful week of growth and renewal.

Be well, ​

Dana D.


Dana D. is a perpetually curious professional life student, domestic engineer, and astronautical engineer by degree. She loves to explore new neighborhoods, museums, meet people, and pet strange dogs. She believes that all miracles are huge and that you never know what the day will bring – so be positive, happy, and grateful.


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