7 Feng Shui Ideas To Open Up To Infinite Possibility!

Oct 13, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

Energy Medicine To Open Up To Infinite Possibility

Infinite possibility is infinitely available everywhere.  It doesn’t often seem like it, but if you wade deep in that concept- that truth- you’ll see possibility springing up everywhere. Feng shui has this uncanny ability to layer every surface of your life with reminders, emotions and actual energy that prompts big, amazing change…!

Embrace Infinite Possibility

Here are a few of my favorite feng shui ways to sprinkle infinite possibilty symbolically in your space…

  1. Amethyst. This crystal is basic but it’s lovely and has a cosmically vibrating violet color that is thought to expand awareness and, yes, the sense that infinite possibility is real.
  2. Poetry.   Make it. Read books of it.  Notice what happens in the spaces between words.
  3. Wish art.  Art of wishes… from wish trees to wish jars.  HERE is my favorite wish art to spark your own.  Thank Yoko Ono for her belief in infinite possibility for opening the doors to so much wish art.
  4. Alexis Smart‘s I LOVE IT ALL flower essence… It helps you to “love and appreciate everything.” Have you evey tried flower essences?  They are the essence- vibrationally speaking- of flowers soaked in water. These drops are non-toxic energy medicine.  They’ve changed my life.  Infinite possibility…!
  5. Create a lush indoor or outdoor garden.  Layer on the plants and create a “garden room” even in your bathroom. Be extravagant with the greenery. I loaded 150 giant plants and trees into an office.  All that molecular growth stimulates huge growth in life!
  6. DIY something you think you can’t do. When you exceed your own DIY expectations and paint that wall or fix the shelf or anything else you didn’t think you could do, suddenly so much more is possible everywhere you look!
  7. Create room to stretch.  You may not have a yoga room, but what about a yoga corner? A space for a mat where you can stretch freely? Where you can (and do) stretch physically you will grow wider in real possibility…!

Anything really is possible.  Stay in the great expectations. They do influence the outcomes.   xoxo Dana

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xoxo Dana



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