5 Signs You Need To Clear Negative Energy From Your Life

Oct 22, 2015 | Prosperity

5 Signs You Need To Clear Negative Energy Out Of Your Life

(doodling is total stress relief and meditation!)

I work with feng shui clients around the world who struggle with some form of the same draining problem.

It’s not the house plumbing or the position of a bed. It’s never colors or doorways or anything else décor related … but you see it reflected everywhere in a home.

This problem manifests as stacks of unfinished tasks, piles of dishes in the sink, clutter, broken stuff and dark corners. Junk, chaos, things left askew …

It’s like the life is being drained from a space.

Sometimes a space itself is just plain spooky, but typically it’s chaotic people who inhabit a space that create the energy vortex.

Vampire energy.

Are you there right now, living with vampire energy dragging on you?

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