Do The Amazing Things You Really Want Always Feel Out Of Reach?

Oct 24, 2015 | Prosperity

Why Do You Have A Hard Time Bringing Good Things Into Your Life ?

Whether it’s a bigger salary, a more organized home, a thriving & healthy relationship, a vitality-supporting diet… sometimes things elude us in an almost-mystical way, like sand running through fingers when you try to grab it in a fist.

I don’t believe anyone has a “problem manifesting things” in some puzzling or cosmic way.  I don’t believe luck is sprinkled only on a few of us and not on others.

I think everyone can have a great life and thrive in many ways that are personal and fulfilling. I mean, I see it happen every day.

Are you having a hard time bringing amazing things into your life?

This one’s for you.

How To Bring Greatness Into Your Life If It's Been Eluding You


It’s easier to think sometimes that there’s an energy imbalance that a crystal or a remedy or a some mantra will overturn your bad luck spell to finally allow awesome things into your life that were once out of reach.   It’s tempting for some to go on a wild goosechase to find that missing spirit-based secret  to making dreams manifest (hint: there is no such thing) rather than just going for the greatness that you want in practical action.

There really is no such thing as a stone that makes money or a spirit animal stature that brings you a soulmate, despite what New Agers market toward us all…

You kinda have to actually do real things in the real world to live an awesome life 🙂


If you are the bold person who is taking practical action toward your dreams, that’s awesome.  If it’s not really working… despite all your action… this may be useful for you.

A friend just overturned his very large apartment that he once called a dive into an awe-inspiring space.  It went from cracked walls and peeling paint to glowing Mediterranean-toned walls and Murano glass chandeliers and candelabras plucked from the shops lining the canals of Venice.  There are new carpets in place of the 20 year old ones inherited from many’s a former tenant, new tables to replace the ones that creaked and swayed…

It was all done rapid-fire in a series of coordinated decisions, orders and scheduling to transform this space into a total paradise. Practical action.  Huge decisions.  All amazing.  All with great intention.

And, as I admired the new refrigerator and now-spacious grey hallway that was once bright red and hard to navigate, he told me…

“As I finished this place a wave of fear came over me.  I used to hate my place so it was easy to imagine losing it, but now I love it so much here and I’m so afraid to lose it I almost stopped in the middle of doing this… ” 

He knows it’s irrational fear.  He’s not suddenly going to lose his apartment just because it’s great looking.  But all fear- rational or seemingly irrational- is very real.

When you start making big progess toward what you want, you feel the excitement.

You get charged up. 

You get attached to the greatness.  


You may now feel you have something to lose. 

When you feel you have something to lose, that’s terrifying.  One of my least-favorite old sayings “The higher you rise, the farther you fall” echoes this really destructive cycle.

Hence, we squish, squash, sabotage and even defiantly turn away and  rebel against good things….and again, we’re left with nothing.

Nothing to lose… And also… nothing we want.

In the service of having what you want you have to let yourself feel every single irrational and rational emotion and go for what you want anyway.

Despite the crazy feeling that your money might go away, you might be fired, you might mess up, you might make a bad decision… but, chances are, you’ll just be happy.

I’ve had many people tell me for years that they want to make a change and yet they don’t.  They try, then stop.  The de-clutter half the house and backslide mystically.  They make a lot of money and almost for no reason it all goes away, or there’s a big retreat…

It’s not a supernaural hex.


Most admit in quiet moments that they’re afraid of good things.  It’s too painful to contemplate losing them… and all these good things open up the doors to all kinds of possibility that can also be scary.

After all, with an organized home there are no excuses for not doing other big things like organizing money or getting a new job or starting a diet or quitting a bad habit…  With a great relationship, great personal strides forward with art, great love, a great new start… there are no reasons to hide out any more saying ” I’ll be happy when…….happens.”

Great things happen all the time because we make them happen.

We don’t make them happen if they feel like a liability.

Keeping things away is a habit. It’s safe, it’s comforting, you know…?

And it’s also a landslide.

If you’ve been in the space where it’s easier to stay stuck then to dare to have what you want, you know the negative return over time.  It becomes harder and harder to justify and make excuses for the stuckness.

One bit of science is helpful here to crack things open:

Every single bad habit is easier to break if you shine a light on it rather than sweeping it under an imaginary carpet.

“Yes, I like to destroy my diet right at the point where I’m looking and feeling great.”

That’s a good place to start.


“I get lazy and trash my house when it’s almost clear and organized…”


Know that you do it.  You play a part in keeping the greatness away or allowing a glass ceiling to persist. The big bad world isn’t working against you.  Habits and fear are you working against you.


A vintage You Tube springs to mind. I made it when I finally cracked a giant glass ceiling hovering over me…

Really, no matter what reason why, it’s worth letting the greatness in, anyway, right now!

xoxo!!! Dana

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