6 Simple Feng Shui Tips To Help You Make A Fresh Start

Nov 2, 2015 | Prosperity

Flourite from A Colorful Dot

(the colorful dot has flourite that feels like a fresh start every time you look at it!)

Craving a fresh start is often filled with restless excitement. After all, making a fresh start is often associated with a dramatic change: moving to a new place, starting a new job or quitting an old one, vastly switching your diet, diving head first into an exercise routine or some other big switch that flips your life in a great way.

While sometimes a monumental change is necessary (and you’ll know if it is), often it’s a small and meaningful change in perspective that creates a whole new way of viewing life. Feng shui in my way is about your personal experience of your life and your space, and a small shift in that personal experience can revive your experience of life. Small shift = fresh start!

Here are a few feng shui shifts that can help you jump start a fresh start at any time!

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