Feng Shui To Create A Life Where Things Go Your Way!

Nov 2, 2015 | Creativity

Let your love change the world

Do you have enough energy right now to light up a room? What about a crowded room where there’s so much confusing energy flying in different directions?

We’re in both of those situations every single day.  You might be in a big office right now, or in traffic, or more… The energy around you might feel bigger than you at the moment.

You can change that.

You can be cause instead of effect.

You can be the generator, the power-source, the energy that moves it all forward…

Those people that seem to always get what they want and float through life happily on an easy breeze aren’t lucky.  They are generators. They make that lucky life flow all around them.

You can reorganize the universe around you to create all the brilliant, loving, creative, exuberant energy you want… and you can gather support from the world around you in the process.

Today’s feng shui floods life with creative, excited love!

Smiley mug and a sage wand

Here’s the grand simplicity.  Smiles and sage.

Smile first. Smile when you wake up.  Feel like crap, feel exhausted…and smile anyway.  If you’d rather be home instead of at work, smile despite it all.  Smile and your whole life changes.

I used to walk down the streets of New York and smile with a coffee and my hair flowing, sort of care-free, as people fell in my path that moved me forward. I didn’t think too much.  I smiled and people snailed back.  A few pissed off people a day would scream ” What the f*&k are you so happy about?”and I smailed anyway.

Layer on the purity.  In the morning…I burn a bit of sage, do my Buddhist chanting, and write like mad.  Smoothies, giant cups of water with lemon, fresh showers… all layer on the purity.

Don’t carry old energy that’s ready to go into fresh new days.   Purify and great things are waiting on the ther side of your sage smoke.

Add beautiful words.  The Bee Gee’s and Phil Collins are playing this morning mixed with some classic Beatles.  The more beautful words that flow, the more you generate easy momentum.  Or as the Eagle’s say, a “peaceful, easy feeling.”

Tell someone beautiful words.  Hug your animals and flood them with beautiful words. Tell yourself – in a mirror- Louise Hay-style- how amazing you are.

Stay above it all. If you feel weighed down by all the energy and voices and pressures around you, try a little exercise to rise above.  Get quiet for a few minutes (I’ve done this in places ranging from a packed subway to a public library, parked car, park bench…) and breathe.  Now count from 100 to 0 wit your eyes closed.  You can picture yourself walking down steps as you count down, getting more deeply relaxed as you go.

At 0, start visualizing your situation.  See all the people and stuff around you.  Picture yourself rising up arond it all, despite it all.  Feel light and feel easy.  Let yourself shoot out light from your body because you have light to give.   Send angry, upset or struggling folks your light.  As you float around, put things in order that feel like chaos.  See life flowing as you create order in your workday.  See people smiling back as you smile at them.  Keep going until you feel satisfied and flooded with joy.

Count up from 5 to 1 and head back to your day, refreshed.

Let life go in your direction by choosing the stories that empower you.  See things with optimism.  Be OK with loving things and people and life so much that it’s electric.  From here, in this awesome love place,  everywhere you look, everything is happening in a perfect way in the service of greatness.

xoxo Dana



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  1. ML

    So inspiring to keep the positive vibes going. This blog is still my go to, every week, for the past years. Thank you 😉

  2. Robin

    I love your energy and wish I had found you sooner!! I can learn alot from you. Thank you!!


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