Are You Blocked In Life In Some Way That Never Seems To Go Away?

Nov 3, 2015 | Prosperity

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There are things we all know aren’t really helping us to thrive that we let linger, despite it all.  I see it all the time, and I’ve done it more times than I can count.

You know, like filing paperwork to take a big step forward in life, or handling an outstanding issue, or dealing with a huge block in a relationship or finally getting your clutter cleared…

We know these great big blockades are holding back many things.  The blocks are palpable.  It’s not a mystery what is holding up the flow of career advances, creative risks, spiritual leaps, deeper love or anything else.  You can see it. It’s abundantly clear.  It’s often staring you in the face every day, or it’s evident just about every day in some way, and it’s not a mystery.

But… why do they stay?  And, more importantly, how do they finally go? 

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I don’t think that blocks in life stick around because we’re lazy, busy, confused or lack money or initiative to fix them.

All the motivation, time, creative solutions and resourcefulness in the world comes to you when you decide to let go of these weighty and often self-created piles of life clutter.

After helping thousands of people un-stick themselves, I can tell you there’s one thing that stands out in comming with the people who truly soar and make it to the other side of their blocks. And there’s one thing that echoes through those who can get really far in the clearing and then back away or wind up in the same place they started.

Are you willing to live without excuses to hide behind that keep you from being all you want to be? 

You know if you have a non-life-threatening malady that holds back life, something easily treatable, that you’d probably want to treat it in some way right away, right?  Well, I see soooo many people who, instead, say it’s no big deal and instead retreat to a life of limitations that the malady presents.  The stress injury that can be resolved with physical therapy instead grows into the reason why you can’t go to the gym or be out socializing.  The allergies become a reason to sequester yourself rather that pinpoint what they are and seek to sweep them away.  Pain pills numb things out to put a band aid over solutions that you know exist.

It’s easy to say you’re too busy, too crazy, too overwhelmed to deal with whatever it is right now that’s holding you back… But that’s just a symptom, all the reasons why.

The real reason tends to be: What if I can workout and still I don’t like my body? What if I go out and meet people and they are terrible to me? What if  I have NO EXCUSES and still I fail? 

When you tackle clutter head-on, you start to see you have no more excuses for why you can’t get a better job, why you can’t exercise or travel, why you don’t have time…

Suddenly you’re free to do all you dreamed about.

And if you are ready to live without excuses and do things like dare, and possibly succeeed and maybe fail sometimes and stay rooted to your passions and you feel worthy of an awesome life, clearing all this clutter is a masively awesome revolution.

If you aren’t really ready to risk, to soar, to feel so much brighter and have so much more energy and creative power and responsibility… you might just pile up more clutter of problems to hold you back.

If this is you- in a love/hate relationship with your own greatness waiting on the other side of clutter- you aren’t alone.

Clear space anyway.

And keep clearing it.

Even if it feels terrifying that you’ll now have the time, energy and space to soar.

Fear of success is a real thing.  Lots of us equate the rush of success and joy with anxiety.  Even studies in psychology suggest that the only way to get past this fear is to keep moving forward.

Remind yourself of all the amazing things waiting for you on the other side of your clutter.

And remind yourself every day that you deserve these amazing things!

The only way to get used to a new way of living, after all, is to actually start living it!

xoxo Dana

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