Some Feng Shui To Triumph When You’re Faced With Challenges

Nov 10, 2015 | Prosperity

everyting happens for a reason


Thinking has been the energy of anything good in my life. At least when I think too much, or try to find reason in chaos.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter why things are happening, it matters that you take care of ’em and get through it all as fast as you can.  There’s a Buddhist story of a man who aws shot with a poison arrow and he demanded to know who shot him and wanted to start a hunt for the person, the whole time with the arrow still in him.  The doctor near him urged him to remove the arrow first so that he would live and then deal with the rest later, and yet, he was so fixated on justice, on knowing who and why and how it all happened… well, the arrow managed to get the best of him before he found out.

When you’re spinning in circles or so behind it’s overwhelming or you’re faced with emotional upsets or other challenges that are coming fast and furious, it’s so tempting to hide out and not see it all any more.

And it’s tempting to start thinking about why it’s all happening.

Instead…  take a deep breath and get going in fixing it all!

Your environment can help you.

Here are a few of my favorite fast feng shui posts to help you get through a challenging time:

Keep your energy up with real food.  Here’s a quick bit of science that will get you reaching for more fruit and veggies- and lots that are raw– to stay at your best while the storm is happening around you.

Take a bath that makes your aura strong!  THIS is the hands-down simplest bath to get your strong presence radiating.  

Don’t let panic take over, because it will spin you out and make everything harder. HERE is my favorite energy medicine cure for a panic attack. 

Clear some space with a simple energy makeover.  This takes 10 or 15 minutes and it makes the world so much lighter!

And keep moving through it.  The less you complain, the less you sulk and the less you flip out the faster you’ll get to the other side of this!

xoxo Dana



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