Using Rose Quartz To Create Love & Peace!

Nov 10, 2015 | Sensory Goodness

rose quartz uses


Do I think that a stone- no matter where it’s from- has the magic powers to change your whole life?


Not in the slightest bit.

But I do know that Earth elemental energy is the most grounded and calming energy, and “science” agrees with me here as evinced by more studies than I can count.

Crystals have the added benefits of transmitting energy (quartz, ruby and others have actual uses in technology to transmit energy and to create lasers!) and they are both beautiful and loaded with metaphor.

So, yes, there’s something big to them, even though they aren’t magic wands!

Let them reinforce your habits and decisions and intentions and it’s a beautiful recipe for success on many levels.

When it comes to rose quartz, we’re talking great big pink splashes of loving energy that makes life so luscious.  Embrace it.

These are such great ideas to use it’s sweetness to ground your life in more pace and majesty.

xoxo Dana

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