The Numerology Of House Numbers And How They Reflect Your Life!

Nov 16, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

house numbers


Numbers have a vibration and if you’ve ever read about the art and science of numerology, that vibration sheds light on the energies of your space and your life.

Numerology gives you a big picture of themes and challenges and opportunities… but it is not your destiny.  What it can do is provide you with a new way to look at cycles of life, at the energy around you and your personal growth as you move from year to year through your life.

One of the more interesting feng shui ways that numerology applies to spaces has to do with home numbers.  The actual number of your home can shine light on various reasons, lessons and overall themes of living where you live.  It’s not predictive, no number is better than another number, but… it’s very fascinating and in looking back at the house numbers in my own life, it’s fairly accurate.

I’m not a number expert… but, my sister Nicole is a numerologist and her read on numbers and your life is intriguing…and here for you today!  

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Numerology is the belief that all numbers carry a vibration, and the energy behind each number carries personality traits, strengths, and difficulties.

In Numerology all numbers are reduced down to the vibration of a single digit, for example a 45 is reduced to a 9. This is achieved by adding the 4 and the 5.

4+ 5 = 9.

If you live in an apartment, you want to use your specific apartment number rather than the number of the entire building.  This is a number specific to your unit where you live, rather than using a number that the whole building shares.

If you live in apartment 210, you’d add up each number and arrive at 3.

2+1+0 = 3

If you live in apartment 245, you would add 2+4+5= 11 … then you reduce the 11 further by adding 1+1 to arrive at the single digit of 2.

No number is bad or good in itself.  Every number has a message and a theme that can be useful to your day to day life.

House Number 1: Individuation, Attainment, Independence

A house with the number 1 is a great haven for being independent. It can also be a very fitting place for a person starting a new business from their home. The vibration of the 1 promotes self-reliance and instinctive decisions being confidently made. The person who occupies this home will feel like a leader with strong determination and much integrity.

House Number 2: Relation, Cooperation

The house number 2 is wonderful place to start a new, serious relationship. This number carries the vibration of relationships, cooperation, and working as a team unit. Under this vibration, couples and family will carry out household duties together. Everyone will feel a sense of responsibility to , “pull their own weight”. Great patience is required to live in a home with the vibration of the 2, because you will need to be understanding of others short-comings in-order to attain the peace and cooperation this number desires.

If you desire to live alone, this may not be the best place for you to live.

House Number 3: Expression, Joy of Living

The number 3 holds the vibration of expression and creativity. This is a very fun and light number. People living under this vibration will enjoy much friendship, friends and family coming in and out of their home, and will serve as a great place for entertaining guests. People with this house vibration will express high levels of creativity. Children born with this house number will be very expressive verbally and apt to being creative; painting, singing, writing.

This a place where people retreat to for fun, expression and communication. It’s a place where sharing everything, creatively and emotionally is almost expected.

House Number 4: Limitation, Order, Service

This is a great place for people who are detail-oriented and like to take control.   Living under this vibration promotes practical decisions and loyal relationships. Careers usually take precedence in a home the number 4 and people living here tend to repair things around the house themselves.

House Number 5: Constructive Freedom

A home under this vibration is full of energy, creativity, adventure and change. This is a great house number for people who like to pick up and travel last minute. It is also a great place for people who like excitement and change.

When making decisions in this home, take your time. The 5 essence can act on impulse, instead of methodical thinking.   Be sure to research all options and access, carefully the best decision.

House Number 6: Balance, Love, Responsibility 

This number is about tradition, love and family. A home under this number is harmonious and balanced. This home will be well taken care of and the furniture and décor will be picked very specifically and well-maintained. You will find many people coming to you for understanding and advice living in a 6 home. Usually this number provides strong, healthy relationships.

If you like solitude, this may not be a good home for you.

House Number 7: Analysis, Understanding

The best people to live in a home under the 7 would be people who like solitude and quiet.   This a wonderful place for writers, researchers, professors, scientists and people who would prefer to be left in their home with their mind at work.

When decorating a home under the 7, be sure to make it peaceful and calm. Much time will be spent here.

House Number 8: Material Satisfaction

This house number is for those who love money and power. This is a home for those who are well-organized, and love to accumulate material wealth. This number is balance financially and emotionally. This is usually a home that will be impressive and admired.

House Number 9: Selflessness, Humanitarian

This is a place for people who are open-minded and like to help others. There is a sense of worldliness to this home and projects are usually never left undone. This is a great place for people who like to serve and give to others.

This would not be a good home for the people who are narrow-minded and selfish.

How does the number of your own home reflect the energies and themes of your life right now?

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  1. Elise

    What happens if it adds up to more than 10?

    • danaclaudat

      you add the two numbers together to get one number— so 10 would be 1 + 0 = 1


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