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Nov 18, 2015 | Feng Shui 101

boho bedroom


Show me a space with flowing organic fabrics, layers of chunky knit texture and some bamboo and I’m fairly sold on your style.  Add in a dreamcatcher, balanced lights on nightstands and some fuzzy blankets and I’m in heaven.

Boho style elements work in every bedroom, from minimalist to maximum layers of design.

Even in the more “ornate” of boho spaces, the style itself is spacious.  There’s a tribute to Earth. There’s a feeling of preciousness.  There’s airy light and freedom.

Bohemian style is not for everyone as a total look, but even pieces… like the depth of a distressed wall that looks velvety and dreamy… works universally.

Feng shui bedroom love, here we come…!

boho bedroom


While in an ideal world I’d raise the bed a bit to let the chi flow freely, who can argue with faux sherpa and a gauzy canopy?

boho bedroom

(we are scout)

For all intents and purposes, I wouldn’t put a bed in front of exposed windows, but for the photo its a winning look.  Here, what is divine in flowing style: the wicker basket, the happy yet organic pattern mix and the twinkling lights that are subtle and chic.

crystal candle holders

(soulmakes: a huge favorite)

Crystals + Candles.  Earth and Fire.  I often put geode candles, quartz candles and my super-favorite Himalayan salt candles that burn beeswax votives… All add a warmth and fire and Earth that are stupendous.

boho bedroom

(her campus)

While the hyper-red is too intense for me (and most of us- red can spike blood pressure and provoke anxiety in too large a dose) steal the idea of a billowy fabric ceiling… it’s the ultimate in coccoon-making, rejuvenating and space-shaping.

boho bedroom

(monday to sunday home)

Same notes as we started with- raise the bed, consider a headboard… but here, a magic sack hangs over the bed that I’d like to fill with love notes and photos and dreamy goodies that are light and soft.  The wooden prayer beds are serene. The soft edges are spectacular.

boho bedroom

While this room is hypercolored and perhaps not the most “zen” of the bunch, the spirited throw blanket, jungle-leafy pillows and sweet art affixed to the woven headboard are A+ design ideas that bring feng shui power and dreamy space into the mix.

We all need space to rest, to rejuvenate, to love and to build the dynamics of our lives.

Clearing space in a bedroom and taping into some enchanted boho flair is universally excellent energy design.

Clearing even more space in life to tap into Nature and build a dream life is all the better!

xoxo Dana

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