Feng Shui To Make The Decisions That Shape Your Dream Life

Nov 18, 2015 | Feng Shui 101


Today’s feng shui is a not-so-secret secret to making the big, extraordinary dreams you have come to life.

It’s next-level clutter-clearing.  It’s simple. And, if you do it, everything you see around you will lift you up higher in life force and spirit.

It all starts with awesome and grounded clarity.

From there, fireworks and synchronicity and all kinds of awesomeness flood your life!

marie kondo

Marie Kondo’s Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a new classic.  A main theme in her de-clutter method is that everything in your life- even inanimate objects- should stir up happiness inside of you.

That’s an awesome first step to seeing how much you’ve been living your dream life.

Here’s what I’ve observed for ove a decade professionally and way longer, personally, and I bet you’ve seen the same if you think about it:

When you know what you want and you’re accustomed to getting what you want– at least generally speaking- it’s pretty simple to see what fits in your life.

It’s easy to toss the old junk. It’s easy to say NO when it it’s a seemingly controversial NO to say.  It’s clear where to invest your energy.  It’s pretty obvious when a deal is worth taking and when it’s worth walking away.

It’s pretty straightforward.  Every single person I know who’d proudly proclaim that they “get what they want” has a pretty clear picture of what is being built.  While the actual stuff of life that actually happens may look a little different from the pictures pasted on the vision board, the stuff on that vision board comes to life.

These people don’t hesitate to ask for what they want.  They can negotiate because they’re willing to leave a bad deal.  They know the Universe is abundant because they’ve seen it and they don’t cling too tightly to any one thing because that attachment clouds judgement and shrinks the great big dynamic dream life picture.

When you don’t quite know what you want, it’s easier to let things slide.  You’re willing to see what happens when it’s clear nothing good is happening in a situation.  You’re more prone to wishing or to fantasy— as though the broken fence will one day magically transform itself or the wrong business partner will magically become right.

When you don’t have a clear enough vision, it’s easy to waste lots of time going down roads that are fruitless.  After all, you’re exploring.  You’re going day-by-day.  And while it’s healthy and super-exciting to explore things, pretty soon in the exploration you have a sense of whether or not it’s right for you to keep climbing the mountain or moving down the path.

Lots of times, because the vision of what’s being created isn’t clear enough, that instinct that things aren’t quite right gets skipped over… and you wake up five years later in a terrible career that you don’t like at all and wonder how it got so far… or you find yourself sitting in some version of that manifest destiny.

It’s really hard to stop living in the past because the future has no blueprint or even a trajectory if you’re feeling very lost at the moment.

And stuff… stuff just builds up.

How can you toss that outfit that you might need one day? How can it be clear it’s time to let go of one home for a new one?  What about all those books that maybe you’ll need to refer to…?

In the service of creating space where you do get what you want, get clear on your picture.

Get grounded.  Get quiet.  And get clear.

Let go of what doesn’t fit that picture in spirit.  My golden rule has always been: “If it feels right it is right. If it feels wrong it is wrong.”

And keep growing.

If you second-guess yourself, chances are you’re worried the world won’t have more clothes, more money, more love, more opportunity or more of anything else for you if you let go of what you have that isn’t right.

Let go anyway.

Your clothes will find a more worthy home.  A more grateful candidate will fill your job.  Your schedule will fill with more fun if you ditch the stressful obligations.  A better deal will come.

Follow those feelings and you’ll become the person who gets what they want much more of the time.

Every moment you’ll be creating what you want.

xoxo Dana




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