How To Get Your Magic Back (Or Find It For The First Time!)

Nov 19, 2015 | Creativity


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Every single person I know wants an amazing life.  Everyone wants peace. Happiness.  Love. Money.

Everyone wants more security.  The feeling that life is more certain.  Stability in a storm.

Every single one of these things is a form of energy. Calm, grounded, flowing, charged particles of energy.

Personal Magic.  

That’s what I call the routes we take to get into a space of spirit where everything pure and right and powerful comes to light.

Personal Magic. 

It’s not abstract.  It’s practical.  It’s free.  And it’s everything amazing.  And it’s waiting for you.

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Personal Magic is something I revel in.  My business and my mission and my life is all about helping people get to their magic place.

None of it involves mysticism.

It’s all decisions and actions.

I can tell you what it often looks like to be in your personal magic.  

Your eyes are bright when you look in the mirror. You’re straighter when you stand. You see people smiling at you because you are smiling and don’t even realize it. Your inbox of messages is filled with the right messages and you know how to respond. Your home is a personal haven with clean counters and clear light. You notice beautiful cracks in the pavement, flowers in the grocery store, books on the shelf… A full bank account.  Art.  Color. 

And I can tell you what it can feel like, too.

Tingling hands and feet that are warm and happy.  Love for all of life.  A mind that is still and yet dreamy.  A sense of rightness- right place, right time, right ideas.  Worry melts into creative ideas.  Obstacles melt into life-stretching challenges.  You fill the room with your energy.  You’re a magnet.  Passion is palpable.  Life is sexy, thrilling and it all feels … right. 

Start every day enchanted.

I start the day in a spirit space.  And I retreat to that spirit space when I feel like the wandering noise of the day is clouding my vision.

For me, it’s a 6am sunrise drive to sit in my Buddhist temple with friends,  starting my day with a clean slate and a mind that’s quiet.

How do you tap into your own spirit space? 

You can….take a walk, do some yoga, meditate…freewrite in a journal. Color in a coloring book, make some art, knit or draw.  I have a friend who wakes up at 5am in the depths of winter to drive to the Rockaways to surf, even in the ice cold, to get into this magic zone every day.

You’re full. You’re rich. You’re in your genius.

If you’ve never tried tapping in before, just pick something creative and freeing that appeals to you and let yourself do it!

Skipping out on connection is the most common self-sabotage I see and hear … and have done myself… far too many times to count!

When I get out of the habit of living with connection my days cave in on me. It’s self-destructive.  I feel behind every second of the day.  I feel pulled by other people’s energies. I feel my mind wandering.  I hear worry and spend my days rationalizing away lots of useless mental junk.  I entertain bad ideas. I say YES to the wrong things. I feel shaky and full of angst.

The biggest “mistakes” I’ve made have come into my life when I broke from my habit and bought the great big lie that I was too busy to take the time for myself.

I was really just too afraid.

It’s a weird feeling to be really powerful if you’ve been sort of disconnected.

When you tap into life,  a lot gets revealed when you’re quiet.

Like the need to let go of life-draining projects, deep fears, very bad habits.

You might realize you need to shake up your life and do something bold.

You might need to say NO to a big thing that “should” be a YES according to “reason”.  You might need to do things that people will judge you for doing…

When in doubt, do more connecting. 

If you’ve already got a practice or a morning routine that helps you to get calm and quiet and you still feel like life is getting the best of you and the noise is bigger than your magic, do more to tap in.

The more noise you have around you, the more valuable this electric calm is to every day.

Take a whole day off for you to get quiet.

Try a day of social media silence. 

Sign on to an immersion or a retreat. 

Take breaks during the day to sink into life.  Meditate, nap, make more art, creatively wander the streets. 

Unplug from the Internet. In fact, unplug all the electronics you don’t need to have plugged in around your home and office as an ultra-quieting agent of calm. 

If you feel challenged to tap in, as though the world will fall apart if you step away for an hour, or even for 15 minutes, make those the times you run to your quiet space.

Dare to let the world fall apart while you take care of yourself and I’ll bet you anything in the world that nothing will fall apart.

Everything will come together.

Check out.  Tap in.

Stop talking.  Wash your windows.  Do some laundry.  Pray.  Meditate. Send people you love a love note. Doodle in pen in the margins of a dictionary. Build a Lego castle.

Be free from the life clutter of obligations for even a short time every day.  

Keep doing it until you feel the electricity flow. 

Clear away everything that stands in the way of that connection and the right things will flourish.

It only takes a decision followed by even the smallest action to crack life wide open in gorgeous ways.

When you have loads of clear space, you live every single day in the ultimate personal magic.

You are so brilliant.  And perfect. And deserving of all great things.

xoxo Dana

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