Minimalist Inspiration & The Vast Benefits Of Living With Less

Nov 23, 2015 | Home Style

minimalist bedroom


You’ve heard that living with less makes life easier.  It’s also monumentally freeing in so many levels, it’s feng shui of the highest order for every part of your life!

Let’s get lost in some minimalist – yet deeply gorgeous- design inspiration and talk about the life-changing benefits of living with only what you need and want and love. 

minimalist bathroom


I insist upon a bathroom where you aren’t battling for countertop space with fifty lotions and decorations. If you are confronted with stuff when you enter your bathroom, you clog up your own beatifying, rejuvenating rituals.

We all have our habits and lifestyle changes to make in the name of clearing space.

If your bathroom looks like a makeup counter at a department store, or a jigsaw puzzle of products everywhere… I understand.

My boyfriend lovingly mentioned over dinner yesterday that I had a bit of a clutter thing happening in my house. Sitting at my dining room table looking out toward the pile of brilliant, exciting products to review for various articles due, I was at first a bit paralyzed when I heard those words.

“What do you mean?!?”

“Well, look.” He pointed toward built in bookshelves that had very little harmony – or free space- left…

I tried to protest, saying they were family heirlooms and there was too much to do and I use all this stuff…

But I stopped myself.

“Oh my God, you’re right.”

And that’s when my next-level 2016 clean sweep kicked off.

I clear clutter like a viper, but my work itself invites a lot into my home that I don’t need to keep once the work is done!

I get heaps of books, mountains of housewares and aromatherapy and vases and jewelry and pillows and stuff and more stuff to review, to try, to experiment with… and… in this great big year of travel and non-stop-ness, I’ve turned a blind eye to some potentially distracting, space-stealing excess.

We all have different versions of a clutter situation. Every single one of us.

Clutter can be beautiful things that are all beloved but in far too excess a quantity. And to take a page from Japanese tidy guru Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up, this clutter situation can be handled permanently in one big sweeping project so that any new things that come in do not re-accumulate.

Minimalist living is vastly beneficial. Even if you don’t want to strip your life down completely to bare essentials, there are many ways to live with less in order to flourish intensely!

minimalist kitchen


Kitchens need minimalism to be safe, nourishing and inviting.

If your kitchen is over-stuffed, your life can feel equally challenged where your health and wellness and even prosperity is concerned.

meditation room decor

(deco crush)

Meditation rooms and areas meant to relax should have lots of clear room for relaxation and dreaming. It’s hard to dream when you’re bombarded with too much to look at.

minimalist dining room


Less stuff does not need to be void of personality. Less stuff needs to be free of excess messaging and heavy-handed placing of decor simply because clear space can be daunting.

We like to stuff space. It’s human nature for most of us. After all, we’re taught that more is better, that displaying things is “decorating” and that empty space is not a good thing.

None are true.

Emptying space makes room for a tremendous amount of personal vision to flourish.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do with your life or your time, this empty space can be terrifying at first… but a revolution in the end if you sit in it and explore everything that bubbles to the surface.

minimalist bedroom


When you have less to live with, you have less to maintain. Maintaining less creates a world of simplicity.

Think about it: there’s only have so much time and attention to give to everything in a day. The more you can free up bandwidth in your mind and on your to-do list, the more you’ll flourish.

Living will less is the catalyst for greatness.  Clearing stuff can help you get a new job, start a new health routine, manifest dreams, lose weight, sleep better, have much more energy, get motivated, creatively unblock…and so much more.



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