10 Feng Shui Ways To Live With Glowing Confidence

Nov 24, 2015 | Creativity

Glowing, radiant confidence is irresistible.

It’s the energy of abundance. It’s a generous, open-hearted, lovely way to live.

Confidence is built. It’s not instant to become grounded in a sense of certainty and trust. It’s practiced. It’s a lifestyle.

I’ve searched for insta-cures to create more confidence. No crystals, no psychics, no healers and certainly no one of the outside of me could help me get there. It was sort of an evolution to trust myself after making some pretty terrible-for-myself decisions that took me down very disempowering paths.

Have you been there, too?

Building confidence is a personal thing in my experience. There’s no “guide” to get there, but there are ways to consciously move toward and practice this confidence and cultivate it every day.

Our spaces reflect who we are. It can be hard to change your mind all at once… but changing the space around you is very possible and very empowering.

Evolving your space- your home, your environment, your sense of balance in every day, a keener sense of self-awareness- can help keep you moving into your own glowing greatness!

Confidence is not all rays of sunshine and dancing unicorns, as much as I love unicorns.

Sometimes it comes from hitting bumps in the road and being forced to stand back up and keep moving. Like learning to ride a bike, it’s often built by falling off the bike and getting back on it.
It’s the getting back up that matters, no matter how many times you fall.

There’s a lot of character to build dusting yourself off and getting back to your space of magic.

Every day, there are so many ways to build and grow a space that reflects who you are and where you are… and I feel like I’m tested every day to choose and live in ways that are more and more aligned with my truth.

While I fine tune homes for clients when we feng shui, we often focus on an overall sense of authenticity and confidence in an environment. From that energetic place, all abundance flows freely.

1. Don’t apologize for who you are. You are who you are. There are many things to apologize for, but your core values that support you are not up for debate or apology.

2. See things for what they are. It’s easy to see the potential in situations. Many people fall in love with someone’s potential. Or they take a job based on the potential of what it can possibly be. Right now, though, you need to be able to see what’s in front of you to stay present and aligned. It’s impossible to live in fantasy and affect change and connect closely to reality. With our presence and connection, you’ll lack glowing confidence. See things for what they are and love them for what they are as they are.

the four agreements

3. Remember The Four Agreements. These really speak for themselves.

4. Put yourself first when it comes to time and care. You know this, but do you live it? I find myself doubling back to sleep more, eat better and even dive deeper into my own spiritual practice when I get off rack and feel like I’m teetering a little in life.

5. Make sure the mirror of your life is polished. Your home is a mirror of your life. Does it look inspired? Does it feel like it’s glowing? Does it bring you that stable feeling of peace and “home”?

6. Move toward the things that expand your energy.  So many different philosophies express this in different ways, but if someone or some place or some idea expands your energy when you approach it, it’s in a line with you.  If someone or something spins you inside your head or squishes you often, that’s not a good thing.

7. Lead with love. Rather than trying for confidence that’s false (IE: “I need to be better than everyone else”) why not lead with “I need to be my best self every day”? To take it a step further, what about leading with a sense that we’re all in this world together and we’re all doing the best we can and there’s no need to fight.

My neighbor had a fit of screaming at me (it was quite extraordinary) and then declared war on me about, of all things, the stairway of my building. When she used those words I realized there’d be no war.  “The war is between you and you. I’m not in any war because I refuse to be.” She later felt really bad about her outburst. It happens. We all can be in different states… just don’t live there and don’t welcome more of it into your space, you know?

8. Control creates a lack of creativity.
There’s no one to control and nothing to control.  Sometimes to become confident people are taught to learn to have power over others. That’s not positive confidence, it’s just destruction. The best and most confident leaders let people be who they are and seek to bring out- rather than control- the talents of people around them and working for them. Same goes for any and every situation. We all have our own lessons to learn. You can’t be controlled and you have nothing to gain from controlling anyone else. After all, confident, glowing, empowered you knows that you deserve great things and that great things and great people will come and will stay!

9. Focus on purging your own demons. You can’t slay anyone’s dragons. You can’t “make” anyone better  .
You can be a better and lighter version of yourself. You can face your own fears and you can grow for yourself. Everything else- like trying to clean the house of your parents who have no interest, or trying to get a friend to become sober- won’t stick because it’s not your battle to fight or your problems to fix.

Being supportive has been awesome for me. Being my parent’s parents and the mom of my friends who needed help in the past… really draining and really not helpful for anyone, especially them but also me. When I decided to focus on my own self, everything changed… including the people I most wanted to help!

10. Make sure you have room to grow.  If we’re always growing or declining- one or the other- make sure to consciously choose to grow and grow. We all need room to grow.
Extra space in the closet. Room in for more art. Room to stretch and move around. Room to think clearly. Room free of the clutter of obstacles, whether it’s piles of junk or piles of stored-up anger.

Keep up your confident practice… space, shine, light, flow… and reach toward more spaciousness, more expanded ideas, less control and more creativity!

xoxo Dana

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