How To Fill Your Home With Next-Level Calm In Minutes!

Dec 2, 2015 | Sensory Goodness


My house was flooded with the smoke of frankincense… and as it burned, my mind opened up new doors of understanding and peace and a direction.

There’s a reason that these resins like frankincense have been used for years ceremonically.  They change the air.  You can smell it but, more than that, you can feel it.

I’ve spent years walking away from these little sacks of stuff, until I realized just how much change they could create.

It’s a next-level way to get deeper into meditation, clear-mindedness and focus. 

keep the vibes super high

First of all, if you aren’t aware of Lalah Delia, you can check out her work HERE.  She’s all about vibrating on a high frequency, and her words really impinge upon me in a change-making way.  Talk about crystal-clear vibration…!

That’s what we all need- as much clear, unfettered vibrating energy as possible. As much flow, clear streams, simplicity and dynamism as possible.

That’s what made me include these historically ceremonial resins in the New Year countdown.  They are very basic. Rooted in Earth and history.  Unprocessed.  Raw. Ready to create more soothing, energy-opening awesomeness.

Holy Smoke.  Burning Resins. 

Burning Raw Powder on Charcoal:

Light the edge of a charcoal puck with a lighter until it snaps and crackles. (I hold this with metal tongs because the charcoal is messy and it feel safer)  Put it in a stone or metal bowl filled with sand or dirt. Let it heat for a minute. Place a pea size amount of raw powder or resin in the center and watch it burn.


The smoke of Frankincense(as with other ritual incense) is thought to carry prayers to into the heavens, deepening breath and stilling the mind. It’s thought to rid the air of germs, creating a pure space in every way.


Myrrh is an anti-depressant and an immunity-booster. It’s deeply calming effects are thought to open the mind and open the body to spiritual/creative energy. It’s thought to keep us in energetic alignment.

Dragon’s Blood:

In some magical practices that are nothing I practice, it’s thought that Dragon’s blood brings money and love, warding off evil. It’s thought to help calm an upset stomach & enhance wellness. To me, it brings vast calm.

All waiting for you to simmer them up on a tiny piece of charcoal and smudge the air with their earth-borne energy.

xoxo Dana

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