How To Know If You Have Vampire Energy Around You…And How To Set Yourself Free!

Dec 2, 2015 | Prosperity

gary lang

(gary lang)

There are times when just about everyone I know has gone through a period of being totally, completely drained.

Whether it’s a crazy boss, a crazy relationship, a toxic friendship, abusive parents… Neighbors who are unkind, business associates… Dark clouds can form from maddeningly unhealthy situations.

But, when you’re being drained, it’s often hard to see it. It’s not always crystal clear and obvious. It’s hard to see it because it’s a vicious cycle. You get drained, you then become a drain on other people and then you think it’s you that started the cycle that is now spinning in your space.

I woke from a nightmare last night that helped me start the day with a whole new focus. Given that it’s my job to be of service in my own way and to help people sort through problems, I’m pretty great at helping without entering into the energy fields of vampire situations only because I used to be terrible at it, to the point of having a life in shambles!

It’s rare that I pick up these energy drainers…but we all have it happen. Subtle. Squashing space. Feeling like something is wrong. Confused. Blocked.

If you’ve had one or two or a few vampires in your life- or have them lingering from the past- now’s the best time to set them free.

Are you attached in some way to psychic vampires?

Are you ready to free yourself? 

draining sink
In my online Camps we dive deep into vampires and clearing them out.   But there’s no time better than today to become aware of any dragging, draining, squashing energy and clear it away.

Today I’m going to share the big and the subtle signs I’ve seen throughout the last decade and a half of studying and clearing my own vampires.

  • Feeling not well somewhat chronically is a huge sign.
  • Feeling exhausted chronically- and not because you’re working really hard- is another huge sign.
  • Your life is riddled with chaos.
  • You’re on a big rollercoaster of up days and down days, you might have a vampire or two in your life.
  • Nightmares are a tell-tale sign. Especially when the nightmares are fast and furious and leave you feeling terrified when you wake up. Or you wake from them startled and disoriented.
  • You can’t complete projects because you’re attention is being pulled in a way that’s hard to describe… or you lack inspiration.
  • Money becomes a problem when it wasn’t a problem before. Or it’s a chronic problem with no end in sight at the moment.
  • Other relationships that are flourishing suddenly become stretched and stressed and difficult.
  • You get exhausted after conversations, you feel deflated from exciting ideas after conversations or you feel general confusion and self-doubt after conversations.
  • You never know when the next wave of darkness will hit but you don’t trust that things can just stay relatively calm and building and ascending.
  • Your home looks like a mess of clutter, or you have clutter stuffed away all around you so it’s out of sight but never out of mind.

Vampires are subtle and tricky. I always say this quite directly: I don’t think anyone is evil. I also don’t think anything is deliberate. That doesn’t mean it’s OK to keep these people close to you in your life.

Here are a few major reasons I keep vampires at bay and why, even though I love and embrace the world and everyone in it, I’m very keen to protect my life from too many people flying in and out.

  • I have a mission to help as much as I can in this world, and helping people who don’t help themselves is counter to my purpose on this earth.
  • I have an incredible friends and family and many fur children I love who deserve only light and love around them as much and as often as possible.
  • I value my health and my wellbeing, and I’m obsessed with bringing my vision to life.

And… I bet you feel the same way.

You have loved ones, you have dreams, you have plans, you have vitality… and you don’t need anything or anyone to jeopardize your life.

There are many ways to free yourself from toxic vampire energy and the over-arching one is to not spread around the draining stuff. Imagine the domino effect: you feel confused and drained, then you pull down the people around you so they feel the same and then… who wins?!

When I’ve been drained in this profound way, I start by getting quiet. I stay away from anyone I think I can disrupt. I want my loved ones to thrive and when I get hit with this, I treat it like a flu!

Then I get to clearing space. There are so many forms of energetic space clearing, burning sage being one of the easiest. I do many forms of space clearing and I do them with intention.

And then…I clear clutter in a next-level way. Next level. Clear and clear and clear!!!

The brilliant thing about clearing vampire energy and the invisible cords of attachment that can suck the life from you is that typically I’ve seen vampires either transform themselves into happier and more thriving people or simply move on to find people who enjoyed the dynamic much more than I did when I freed myself from the toxic web.

There are many techniques that have worked far beyond this, but this very basic space clearing often does the trick for me now. You can always go deeper. You can always clear more space. But start with the basics… and free yourself!!!

xoxo Dana

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