Why Clearing Clutter Is So Hard (And How To Do It Anyway)

Dec 2, 2015 | Prosperity

you don't need more space

Clutter is not a term used in the ancient Chinese art of feng shui. Clutter is: junk, paperwork, insane amounts of furniture, stuffed drawers, intensely disorganized storage, broken stuff, bad-memories-attached stuff, overflowing shelves and exploding closets.

Clutter in a less obvious, but also very disruptive sense, is: an overscheduled life, inboxes overrun with emails, digital files all over the place and the like.

Clutter is a modern condition, and it deserves its place in feng shui today because where clutter exists, energy cannot flow. Clutter is an obstacle. Cluttered rooms leave you no room to grow and no space for the new to come into your life. Clutter blocks circulation. It makes you feel like you have no options. It kills motivation.

Convincing people to clear clutter is perhaps the most challenging part of what I do (and have done for more than a decade) with clients. There are a thousand excuses I hear, along with reasons to procrastinate and fingers to point when I see a space overrun with stuff.

How do I motivate someone in a huge mess to start clutter clearing?

I share the potential for greatness that’s waiting on the other side of the clutter.

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